My Life Would Be a Mess Without This Waterproof Notepad — It Logs All My Shower Thoughts

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My mind races at lightning-fast speeds pretty much every hour of the day, but those speeds reach an all-time high as soon as I step foot in the shower. I'm not quite sure what it is about bath time that leaves me deep in thought — perhaps the steam? The privacy and seclusion? The steady outpouring of water? The peace and quiet? — but I typically have about 12 random reminders and ideas fill my brain as I rub-a-dub-dub. I formerly resorted to repeating said reminders in my head over and over again until I could dry off and jot them down — but then I discovered a genius solution: AquaNotes.

A notepad with 40 waterproof pages and suction cups that adhere to your shower wall, AquaNotes are a total game changer. Ever since I purchased my first water-resistant pad and pencil set on Amazon nearly five years ago, I've come to rely on AquaNotes for logging my ever-flowing shower thoughts, which include but are not limited to:

  • Random to-dos like throwing away that one rotten apple in the back of my fridge that I've been too scared to touch.
  • Grocery list additions (typically ice cream).
  • Reminders to reply to text messages or work emails I left unread all day.
  • Sweet comebacks I should've fired off while arguing with one of my brothers but failed to think of in the heat of the moment.
  • Wacky invention ideas.
  • Reminders to send that one meme I laughed at on the subway but forgot to send to a friend because I had no service underground.
  • My own personal meme ideas.
  • Possible Instagram captions.
  • General lingering thoughts from conversations or interactions I had earlier in the day.

To be clear, AquaNotes have been around for years, and they're definitely not a cutesy product you'd find at a boutique. But holy sh*t, are they helpful if you're a hyperorganized to-do-list fiend with an always-running brain like yours truly. Sick of your beloved shower thoughts going down the drain along with your soap suds? Snag a pack of AquaNotes below, and you'll instantly see why they've nearly earned a perfect five-star Amazon rating. Your forgetful brain will thank you.

. . . Or Bring It to a Construction Site, If That's Your Thing

. . . Or Bring It to a Construction Site, If That's Your Thing