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Benefits of Subscribing to Blue Apron
Source: Blue Apron

Spending time making a delicious, home-cooked meal can be rewarding. But as much fun as it can be, there are some days where you might not have the energy to pull out all the stops — go to the grocery store, set a mise en place, hover over the stove for hours — and that's OK.

When the cooking fatigue hits, don't hesitate to reach out for backup in the kitchen. Enter: Blue Apron — a subscription-based meal service that delivers the recipes and ingredients you need to create tasty dinners. In particular, the Wellness menu keeps holistic health in mind with dishes that range from low in carbohydrates to less than 600 calories to vegetarian options. In need of a helping hand? Read through to see the scenarios when a meal kit may come in handy, then sign up to get $110 off of your first five boxes of Blue Apron.