10 Thrill-Inducing Activities Around the World

Thrill seeker, adrenaline junkie, daredevil . . . do any of these terms apply to you? If so, it's time to take your courageous spirit on the road. From India and South Africa all the way to Australia and China, adventure awaits. Whether you like swimming with the fish or seeing the world from new heights and at great speeds, the world is waiting for you to experience its most electrifying and exciting activities. Get your heart pumping with these thrill-inducing stunts on your next vacation!


Fly High in Acapulco, Mexico

Need an adrenaline fix? Problem solved. Soar 328 feet in the air at exhilarating speeds of up to 75 miles per hour on the world's largest over-water zip line, XTASEA. The zip line is more than a mile long and crosses the beautiful blue waters of Puerto Marquez Bay. The ride is taken superman style and is certain to test the limits of any adrenaline junkie. Afraid to ride the line alone? Up to four people can race side by side. Sound like fun? Pack your bags and go loco in Acapulco.


Swing Over a Waterfall in Bali

Want to make like Tarzan and swing through the jungle? Head to Bali for an adventure unlike any other. It may seem serene, but most compare this swing to an extreme sport. About 20-30 minutes outside of Ubud sits Zen Hideaway, an Airbnb that offers both guests and day visitors the opportunity to experience its sky-high swing. The owners require all riders to sign a waiver before swinging over the lush jungle and river rapids. As you sit unharnessed on a swing strung to two palm trees situated on a cliff, be sure to take it all in, and if you get scared, just think about the Instagram worthiness of this experience!


Climb Over a Bridge in Sydney, Australia

Scared of heights? Time to conquer that fear. At BridgeClimb Sydney, participants summit the arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on hikes that last up to three hours. Climb ladders and walk on catwalks, uneven surfaces, and through narrow passageways as you ascend to the top. The tours take place in all weather conditions, day and night, so come prepared for anything. Interested in making the experience extra special? Pop the big question to that special someone at the summit, 440 feet above the harbor. Talk about an adventurous proposal!


Walk in the Sky in China

Prepare to be terrified on the Coiling Dragon Cliff Skywalk located in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. The glass-bottom walkway, located 4,600 feet in the air, will bring thrill seekers to new heights. The 200-foot walkway winds along the side of Tianmen Mountain. While some are too terrified to look down, clinging to the rails for safety, the braver tourists take in the views and, of course, pose for some of the world's most extreme selfies! For an alternative skywalk, visit Ordovician Park in Wansheng, which has been certified by Guinness World Records as the longest skywalk of its kind on Earth. The v-shaped walkway spans over 300 feet from a cliff and is 400 feet high.


Volcano Board in Nicaragua

Sandboarding has become a wildly popular extreme sport. While there are magnificent places to sandboard around the world, it's time to take it to the next level and race down an active volcano. Grab your board and head to Cerro Negro, located just outside Leon, Nicaragua. Have the need for speed? You got it. Slide or surf down the 2,388-foot volcano in less than three minutes. While the adventure begins with an hour-long hike to the top, the next part is not for the faint of heart. Once at the peak, get ready for the real fun to start!


Take Flight in South Africa

Victoria Falls might just be the adrenaline capital of South Africa. Want to check out the falls up close and personal? Step away from the helicopter and take a microlight ride instead. For those unfamiliar with the activity, a microlight vehicle is basically a teeny-tiny open-cockpit airplane that is big enough to carry just one passenger and one pilot. Think of it as a hang glider with a small engine. The microlight will allow you to get lower and closer to the falls, and exposure to the elements may invoke a feeling of flying naturally. Fly somewhere over a rainbow and relish in the stunning waterfall from an aerial point of view.


Enter the Cage of Death Down Under

Visit Australia's Darwin City to swim with crocodiles in the Cage of Death. Get your heart pumping as 16-foot crocodiles race toward you, the bait. The adventure begins suspended above the crocs in an acrylic enclosure with 360-degree views. You are then lowered into the water for a closer encounter. Each cage can hold a maximum of two people and is operated by an overhead monorail. You might think a swim with crocodiles is child's play, but remember, it's called the Cage of Death for a reason!


Walk on Wings in the UK

Wing walking is one of the most daring aerial adventures out there. Most of us are used to flying inside a plane, but if you're brave enough, you can actually fly on one. Wing walking is a daredevil's dream. You will be safely harnessed on the wings of a biplane before wheels go up. Once in flight, feel the extreme rush of adrenaline while being completely exposed to the elements, unable to hear the pilot beneath you. If need be, you can communicate through hand signals. Go ahead and wing it at airfields throughout the UK.


Live on the Ledge in Colorado

Colorado offers some of the best rock climbing adventures in the United States, so it's no surprise that thrill seekers can experience cliff camping in the famed Rocky Mountains. At Kent Mountain Adventure Center in Estes Park, CO, you can attempt to sleep soundly on a sheer rock face hundreds of feet off the ground. Take in the view from your portaledge and after nightfall, once settled inside your sleeping bag, stargaze and marvel at the night's sky. If you make it through the night without experiencing a complete anxiety attack, you can enjoy breakfast and then rappel back down the mountain. This is a definite bucket list item for all of the adventure seekers out there.


Race Rickshaws in India

If you're looking for the adventure of a lifetime, the Rickshaw Run will not disappoint. Three times a year, dozens of teams race in unreliable, glorified lawnmowers from one end of India to the other, breaking down constantly along the way. Each race is different and has been described as "the most stupid and probably the best thing you could possibly do with two weeks." Roads in India go from dirt tracks to five-lane highways and are among the most dangerous in the world. Between extreme rain and flooding, not to mention bandits in certain towns, these life-threatening adventures are extremely risky. However, participants still enjoy the thrill of a lifetime while also helping those in need. Each team must raise a minimum of $1,300 for charity. Senseless adventure to save the world? Why not?