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Where to Buy Disney Squishmallows 2021

A List of Every Disney Squishmallow to Add to Your Collection (There Are Quite a Few!)

We were today year's old when we realized how dang cute Disney Squishmallows are, and its the Baby Yoda squish that introduced us — just look at those ears! With so many Squishmallows on the market that range from JoJo Siwa 'mallows to spooky-cute Halloween ones, it's easy for some squishes to slide under the radar. But dang, Disney always knows how to put on a show! As it turns out, there are SO many Disney plushes like Stitch, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and more that are worthy of collecting. And truly, we can't pick just one — we need them all! If you feel the same, we've rounded up all the Disney Squishmallows spotted in stores like Five Below, Costco, Walgreens, Hallmark, and more that are worthy of a spot in your plush toy family. See what to look out for ahead, and bookmark some for easy-peasy shopping later on — there's no shame in the Squishmallows game!

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