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Best Portable Grills

From Camping to Tailgating, Show Off Your BBQ Skills With These 10 Portable Grills

Best Portable Grills
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If you love summer cookouts and BBQs, investing in a quality portable grill is a must. Not only can you use them at home, especially if you don't have room for the complete setup, but you can also take them with you on all your summer adventures. With road trips, beach days, camping, picnics at the park, tailgating, and more, you can enjoy your favorite grilled meats and veggies wherever you are with these portable grills. If you're wondering which one to invest in, we've got you covered. We rounded up the best portable grills you can use all year round.

Depending on your lifestyle, you'll need to decide between three grill options: electric, charcoal, and gas. Electric portable grills are great for those who want something low maintenance that will produce less smoke; however, you will need access to an outlet or an electric generator. Gas grills are powerful and can smoke and sear meats to your heart's desire, but you'll need a propane tank or two on hand with you. Charcoal grills deliver that depth and smokiness that's perfect for BBQ season, but expect to deal with cleanup afterward.

If you're in the market for a new portable grill for all your summertime outdoor entertaining, check out our top picks ahead. We even found a multifunctional one that can grill, smoke, and even air fry.

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