The Stunning Blue Caves of Zakynthos Island Are Another Reason to Travel to Greece

There's something about caves that automatically intrigue us — remember those stunning marble caves in Chile? You can take a dip into the clear blue waters surrounding Zakynthos Island in Greece where you'll find the famous Blue Caves.

The arches formed thousands of years ago through erosion. Their geological formations are noteworthy alone, but the name comes from the hue of the sea that reflects onto the cave walls. The largest cave, Kianoun, can be visited by boat, and many of the boats are available to tourists for rent. You can swim around the caves yourself, but exploring the formations that continue underwater should be limited to experienced swimmers and divers.

Supposedly, sunrise and sunset are the best times to check out the caves when light illuminates the water to striking effect. Guess we can just add this to our list of reasons to visit Greece. Look ahead for photos!