35+ Ways to Decorate Pumpkins Without Carving

If you're sick of buying a flimsy pumpkin-carving set every year, you've come to the right place. Not only is the annual cost of pumpkin carving expensive, but the activity itself is also dangerous and incredibly messy. This Fall, skip the hassle of cutting up a gourd by trying something new: a no-carve pumpkin decoration. Here are more than 30 ideas to get you started.


Doughnut Decoration

Pumpkins painted like sweet treats are inviting, cute, and perfect for trick-or-treat season!


Glitter Accents

A completely shimmered pumpkin may not be your style, but using glitter for accents (like dots or stripes) is tasteful and easy.


Confetti Dip

This confetti pumpkin tutorial results in bright, pretty pumpkins without requiring a knife!


Googly Eyes

Googly eyes make anything cute, especially pumpkins! Use the fun craft material to make semispooky figures with your gourds.


Elaborate Sharpie Patterns

Pumpkins are the perfect canvas for Sharpie designs, so go crazy!


Simple Sharpie Decor

If you're not an insanely talented artist, you can still create a wonderful no-carve pumpkin. Try adding simple designs around the outside with a Sharpie marker!


Easy Floral Design

Cut out a section from pretty gift wrap paper or an old calendar and glue it onto a pumpkin for an easy way to give a it a chic makeover.


Geometric Design

To create a truly eye-catching display with your Autumn produce, paint it with angular shapes.


Washi Tape

This Japanese tape is colorful and patterned, so it doesn't take much to make your pumpkin look like a work of art.


Glitter Coating

Making your own glitter pumpkins is easy, and the result is totally stunning.


Fruity Transformation

Turn your pumpkin into a pineapple with some yellow paint, green paper, and glue. Throw on some shades for a funky touch.


Whitewashed Metallics

This tutorial will teach you how white paint and a small pumpkin can make a big statement.


Alien Invasion

Create something out of this world by painting a pumpkin black and gluing on creepy alien eyes.


Gilded Words

Use gold craft paint to customize your pumpkin with your name or a cute Halloween saying.



Using rhinestones and a hot glue gun, you can make sparkly pumpkins that will impress guests of every age.


Pretty Little Thing

After hollowing out your pumpkin, fill the top with flowers and use a Sharpie to draw lashes on the front surface. You'll end up with the cutest pumpkin on the block.


Bold Colors

Spray-paint your pumpkins solid, bright colors for a simple and delightful twist.


Metallic Sharpie

Utilize metallic markers on a white pumpkin to create a herringbone pattern.


Pushpin Pumpkin

Use thumbtacks to cover your pumpkin or simply create designs. Either way, it'll turn out "tacky" in the very best way!


Side of Fries

Use green, red, and yellow crepe paper along with brown construction paper to turn your pumpkin into a giant burger.


Hedgehog Family

Glue glass beads on a pumpkin and then draw on a face for these cute hedgehog pumpkins.


Tissue Paper Collage

Use Mod Podge to affix triangles of tissue paper to a pumpkin for a colorful collage.


Spooky Sayings

Follow this easy DIY for cheeky "pun-kins", complete with free templates you just print out on tattoo paper!



A roll of white crepe paper and a pair of googly eyes will transform your pumpkin into a mummy.


Something Sweet

For someone with a sweet tooth, this fun ice cream cone is a tasty pumpkin DIY. Just paint the pumpkin white, add brown for the chocolate sauce, and a red stem can be the cherry on top.


Glitzy Party Pumpkins

Decoupage strips of metallic gold paper onto a pumpkin to give it the glam factor.


Metallic Spray Paint

By coating your pumpkin in metallic spray paint, you're making it simple yet outstanding.


Succulent Vases

Cut off the stem and clean out the inside of your mini pumpkins, then add in a tiny succulent. Perfect for having on your desk during the Fall season.


Dip Dyed

Dip your pumpkins in paint for a simple pop of color.


Party Animals

All you need is paint, pom poms, and paper for these adorable party animal pumpkins.


Glitter Dusted

Use spray-on glue on the tops of your pumpkins then dust with glitter for glitzy gourds.


Simple Painted Dots

Spray-paint a pumpkin white, then use black acrylic paint to create a simple dotted design.



Cover your pumpkin with star stickers for a galactic look. It's as easy as that!


A Little Lace

Choose a yard of black lace from the fabric store or buy some inexpensive lace tights and fit over pumpkins. Secure with a ribbon at the top.