Talking Minnie, Mickey, and Donald Characters at Disneyland Are So Cute, We Might Cry

I have to be honest, when I read that Disney was testing out having talking Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck characters at Disneyland, I wasn't sure how to feel. What if the voices didn't match the characters and the magic spell was broken? Would kids be nervous around the more realistic portrayals of their favorites? But of course, it's Disney, and when Minnie, Mickey, and Donald spoke and interacted with fans and each other this week, it totally worked!

At Disney California Adventure recently, the talking characters had real conversations with park-goers during the standard meet-and-greets visitors are familiar with. Talking Mickey was spotted before at the park, but this is the first time that the main mouse has had friends to chat with alongside him. Since this was just a trial run, there's no word on when the trio will be back, but fingers crossed it's soon!

Watch Minnie, Donald, and Mickey talk:

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Mickey tells a dad joke: