16 Household Chores That Are Oddly Satisfying

For some of us, cleaning is not a chore. We get you, which is why we partnered with P&G and Lowe's on this post. The rest of you? Well, you probably just haven't found the right chore yet.

There are several things you probably neglect for as long as possible before giving it a thorough cleaning, but when you actually get to it, that scrubbing is oddly satisfying. Whether it's the shininess of a freshly buffed toaster or the beautiful organization of your pantry, this list, along with helpful info on how to tackle the chores, will motivate you to get scrubbing.

  1. Cleaning under the refrigerator: Because it's a spot you don't usually look, the area underneath your fridge is seriously neglected. Get yourself down there and sweep away all that gunk that's collected, clearing the area of hair, grime, and all those dust bunnies. Not only does it give you a sense of clean you've never felt before, it's a smart way to ensure there's proper air flow around your refrigerator.
  2. Getting the grime from inside faucets: Your sink faucet is there to help you get clean, so return the favor and make sure it's sparkling. And while you're at it, grab an old toothbrush and clean behind the faucet, too. Just watching that brush scrub away the gunk gives a sense of accomplishment. Really! Try it.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

  1. Busting hard-water buildup on your shower head: Just like your faucet, your shower deserves some attention, too. How long has it been since you've actually looked your shower head in the eye? It's probably filled with hard-water buildup, which is not only gross, but stopping you from having a refreshing morning shower, too. Really clean all that gunk tucked between shower jets and you'll feel so satisfied after your next shower.
  2. Dusting the inside of your toaster: Those crumbs at the bottom of your toaster can actually turn into a fire hazard — and change the flavor of your toast. But taking a few minutes to give it a cleaning by scraping out all the old crumbly stuff really resets your internal freshness button. While you're at it, shine it up so you can check your teeth after breakfast.
  3. Cleaning your coffee machine: If you value your morning cup of coffee, do yourself (and those beans) a favor and clean your coffee pot regularly. Not only will your morning Joe taste better, but you'll get a new sense of delight watching it drip into your sparkling pot.
  4. Refreshing your coffee grinder: Your coffee beans need a clean spot to grind, too. Wait too long between cleanings and you get that buildup of old grounds and oils, which is pretty icky when you think about it, so give it a spin with some dry bread crumbs, which suck up oils while sharping blades.
Photo: Sarah Lipoff
  1. Organizing your fridge: Along with taking everything out and wiping down shelves, spending a few minutes organizing your fridge not only satisfies your inner OCD, but helps foods stay fresher longer. And there are items you should leave out of the refrigerator, leaving more space for other things.
  2. Organizing your Tupperware: If your Tupperware drawer looks anything like mine, it's amazing it can actually close. But getting Tupperware organized makes you feel like you've tackled a serious feat — after you actually take the time to do it.
  3. Organizing your pantry: Turning that crazy mess of food items into a peaceful oasis of organization may result in a few high fives (to yourself?), and these tips for making your pantry beautiful will help you get there. You might find a few things you didn't know you had!
  4. Washing windows: One of the most dreaded chores, washing windows can turn into a full-day event. But after finishing, you'll find yourself wanting to clean all of the windows that ever existed just to hear that clean window squeak. It's like the opposite of nails on a chalkboard.
  5. Cleaning your washing machine: If you have a front-loading washing machine, you're fully aware of the funky smell it emits — and the mold buildup around the front rim. Set a date with your washer and tackle it with your favorite cleaner. Really. Just do it!
  6. Cleaning your dryer: Confession: I love taking the lint out of the lint drawer. I know you know what I mean. But did you know there's sneaky lint hiding in your dryer that you probably didn't know about!? These tips for cleaning your dryer will help you find the hidden lint and help your dryer run more efficiently.
  7. Deep cleaning your mattress: Just thinking about all the dead skin cells and bacteria you're slumbering on will turn anyone into a clean freak, so vacuuming your mattress may just become the most satisfying chore of all.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

  1. Washing your pillows: While you're at it, toss your pillows in the washing machine every couple of months for better skin and hair. Wash your pillow cases every three days for even clearer complexion, ridding linens of skin cells, bacteria, and dead hair follicles (ick).
  2. Whitening grout: Forget everything else — is there anything more satisfying than tackling a dirty, grimy shower and turning it into a bright, white, sparkling example of freshness? And it's totally OK If you've been known to clean your grout with a toothbrush and your favorite cleaner. We get it.
  3. Edging your lawn: There's nothing like looking over a freshly cut lawn with sharp edges that leaves a complete feeling in the soul. Although it takes time, and is so tedious, this chore definitely hits high on the satisfaction list.

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