Why You Must Visit This Swiss Cliffside Restaurant Before You Die

POPSUGAR Photography | Kathryn McLamb

Have you ever heard of Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli? Built over 170 years ago to originally house farmers and their livestock, this mountain hut perched high above in the Swiss Alps has since evolved into one of the most unique restaurants in the world.

What makes this place so fascinating is how it was precariously built into the side of the mountain and still, to this day, clings to the foot of a vertical cliff. Now, is it just me, or does this place take adventurous eating to a whole new level!?

Yet, you'll really have to work for this one-of-a-kind Swiss meal, as getting to this cliffside restaurant won't be any ole simple task. To even access this mountain eatery, you'll have to ride an aerial cable car and hike through a prehistoric cave. But don't worry — once you arrive, you'll be welcomed with a picturesque panorama of the Alpstein mountain chain, giving the phrase "dinner with a view" an entirely new meaning. Sound like your kind of thrilling adventure? Take a look at these awe-inspiring photos for a step-by-step guide as to what to expect at this exhilarating Swiss destination.

The only way to access the cliffside restaurant is by way of an aerial cable car located in the valley of Wasserauen, Switzerland. Once you climb on board, get ready to quickly fly high into the sky, soaring above one of the most idyllic areas in all of the Swiss Alps.

After reaching the summit, take all the time you need to savor the 360-degree Alpine view. Once you've taken enough mental pictures, you'll then follow the descending beaten path for a fairly quick 20-minute hike downhill.

The trail will then lead to an ancient cave you must navigate your way through. Be sure to hold the railing though, as the walkway can be quite slippery.

After you turn the corner, it won't take long before — BAM — you have arrived! Once you've relished the picturesque postcard view in front of you, go ahead and head inside to chow down on a hearty home-cooked meal.

While you'll find a surplus of options on the menu, I would highly recommend getting a plate (or two!?) of rösti — Switzerland's most popular traditional dish. Depending on the weather, you can even eat outside on the edge of the cliff and enjoy the mighty rock formations. Listen closely enough and you might even hear the Swiss cows munching in the nearby valley.

Be sure to save enough time to explore the surrounding Swiss alpine. Since there is no wi-fi and hardly any cell service near the mountain restaurant, you can fully disconnect from society and reconnect with nature.

If you're seeking even more adventure, hike down to the serene Seealpsee Lake. Whether you want to row a boat across the calm waters or simply lounge by the shore, this lake is the perfect place to relax and press the reset button.

With a full belly and balanced mind, what better way to top off this incredibly unique experience than to sip on a local brew and marvel at Switzerland's unmistakable majesty.

Think you're ready for this adventure? Go ahead and pack your bags, because the cliff house is only open each year from May to October. But don't worry, no table reservations are needed, just a hungry appetite. Be sure to book other Swiss accommodations though, as this is the first Summer season this mountain hut no longer offers overnight stays.