32 College Hacks You Won't Learn From Your Professors

Everyone says college goes by fast, and while that's a cliché, it also could not be any more true. As you adjust to the next biggest four years of your life, there are certain tricks and tips you must leave for college knowing. We've complied a list of 32 hacks that any freshman, senior, or even someone who has recently graduated should be well-versed in. They're guaranteed to make your daily life easier and more fun! And unlike limits or derivatives, you'll remember these hacks after four years.

1. Use soda can tabs to create closet space

Source: YouTube user Hack College

After finishing your next soda, put the tab around the neck of a hanger. This technique will allow you to double your closet space and make room for extra hangers.

2. Sign up for a student credit card

Now that you're officially on your own, it's also a great time to learn about credit cards and how to manage your finances. A good first step is to sign up for a Discover It student credit card. You can even view your credit score for free.

3. Buy a backpack

If you're worried about looking childish, don't fear. Everyone wears backpacks on a college campus and chances are you'll be glad you invested in a durable bag for all your study books.

4. Make scrambled eggs in the microwave

Source: Todd's Kitchen

This scrambled eggs recipe requires little skill and some imagination. Start by whisking the ingredients you want into a cup with three eggs, then put it into the microwave for 45 seconds. Take it out and whisk again before placing the cup back into the microwave for another 30 seconds. Then put it in 10 seconds at a time and scramble until done!

5. Put a cup of water in the microwave when you reheat your pizza

Does your pizza crust ever get soggy in the microwave? This easy water trick will keep your crust intact, and it's one thing you'll want to keep in mind for all those late-night pizza runs.

6. Don't buy books from your bookstore

Before heading to your nearest bookstore to get all the required texts for class, check out some cheaper alternatives. Use your .edu email to sign up for an Amazon student account. On top of the discounts, you also get to stream movies and shows for free, which is perfect during a study break! Also join Facebook class groups above you since upperclassmen are trying to get rid of their textbooks.

7. Cook with your coffeemaker

Source: YouTube user CrazyRussianHacker

A coffeemaker isn't just for making a cup of joe anymore in college world. You can heat up hot dogs and cook ramen and even pasta using the pot. Just add water and set the timer!

8. Don't shop for food when you're hungry (or inebriated)

Not only will you end up buying groceries you didn't want, but you also buy more junk food than you intended.

9. Charge your laptop battery to only 80 percent

You'll find yourself having to charge your laptop more in college because you use it daily. A good rule of thumb to follow (to prolong your battery life) is to charge it to 80 percent not 100 percent, which is what most people do.

10. Become a campus representative for a company

Oftentimes companies will pay college students to represent their brand on campuses. Red Bull offers opportunities like student brand manager, so if you love energy drinks (or have friends who do), this is the perfect fit for you. You'll also be able to add this position to your résumé.

11. Cool a beer quickly with a wet paper towel

Source: YouTube user CrazyRussianHacker

When you have many beers and little time to cool them, wrap wet paper towels around the bottles and stick them in the freezer for a few minutes.

12. Tape a power strip to your nightstand

If you're short on charger cords or the cord isn't long enough to reach your bed, tape a power strip to your nightstand. You'll be able to charge your phone or laptop from arm's length.

13. Turn a pizza box into plates

Source: YouTube user jeniwright

Who knew a pizza box top could be so useful? Avoid having to buy plates by tearing off the top part of your pizza box and using the pieces as a plate! It's simple and eco-friendly.

14. Use snack incentives when studying

For those who dread studying, try placing a little treat on each page as you go through your notes (gummy bears or M&M's work). Once you get to that page, eat the treat! It'll serve as your reward for making it through the reading.

15. Use skinny, felt hangers

Aside from using the soda can trick to create more closet space, you should also invest in skinny, felt hangers. The felt grip will prevent your clothes from sliding off the hanger.

16. Ask a friend to participate during your class presentations

Presentations in front of an entire class can be nerve-racking. To put your mind at ease and make the process go smoothly, ask a friend to ask you a question that you're already prepared for. It'll make you seem knowledgable and your friend will get brownie points for class participation.

17. Use an iPhone and soda bottle for impromptu speakers

Source: Instagram user macleanpatrick

If you don't have speakers, you can set up this makeshift sound system. It's easy and practically free!

18. Buy your clothes from a local Goodwill or Salvation Army

Save money on your college wardrobe by hitting up vintage and thrift shops. Often in college towns there are hidden treasures and cheap pieces in these stores! You may be able to find some great interview clothes for hugely discounted prices.

19. Stay organized with free planning tools

Stay organized with this premade daily planner and meal chart. The printables are free!

20. Avoid hangovers by staying hydrated

Morning hangovers can be easily avoided by drinking water the night before. An easy way to remember how much water you should drink is alternating a cocktail or beer with a glass (or two) of water. You can still be the life of the party without getting headaches!

21. Use a shoe rack to store cleaning supplies

Source: YouTube user Hack College

Shoe racks are great for shoes, but the giant pockets also allow for you to put other stuff in like cleaning supplies! Keep all your products organized and spill-free by storing them upright in a shoe rack.

22. Put orange peels or dry tea bags in smelly shoes

It will absorb the odors and keep your dorm room clean and fresh.

23. Use your student ID wherever you go

If you go shopping or eating near campus (or even back in your hometown), always ask if there are student discounts. You will not believe how much money you can save and how many companies actually offer student discounts! Your ID acts like a coupon for the next four years.

24. Make hot chocolate by melting store-bought truffles

Source: YouTube user Nata Fly

This easy recipe is perfect for college students on the go during the Winter months. Just pop a couple of truffles into your thermos and let it dissolve into the warm milk as you head to class.

25. Turn your toaster sideways to make grilled cheese

Just make sure you don't forget to flip the toaster back upright afterwards. You can also make grilled cheese using an iron.

26. Clean a dirty microwave with water and vinegar

Source: YouTube user Palm Beach Atlantic University Admissions

After all the popcorn making and reheated leftovers, your microwave can look like a disaster in college. Sometimes the grease buildup is too tough for even just water to remove. An easy solution is to microwave a cup filled with half vinegar and half water for two minutes. Then take a paper towel and wipe away the stains!

27. Make an easy chip bowl out of your chip bag

Source: YouTube CrazyRussianHacker

Reaching into a bag of chips can be a hassle when your hands get coated with the salt and seasoning. To avoid getting your hands dirty, start folding in the bottom of the chip bag and keep doing it until your snacks fill the top.

28. Use a binder clip to prevent beer bottles from falling over

Source: YouTube user CrazyRussianHacker

The best way to stack beer bottles in your fridge (without them rolling all over the place) is to simply use a binder clip! It'll keep your stacks organized and save room for more beer, a win-win for everyone.

29. Cover up a wall with holes using toothpaste

Source: YouTube user Hack College

Dorm room walls are often filled with holes from the previous semester's worth of room decor. If you notice a lot of little holes made from thumbtacks or nails, you can fill them in with toothpaste! It's cheaper and less smelly than paint or Wite-Out.

30. Keep your place fresh with dryer sheets

Reddit user smellmyface686

For a cheaper alternative to air fresheners, stick dryer sheets on fans and air conditioners. The clean and fresh scent will disperse around your room in no time!

31. Take a photo of your fridge before going grocery shopping

Always take a photo of what you have in the fridge before you head to the grocery store! This will help you stay on budget and you'll never forget what you need. Keep this hack in mind after college ends!

32. Make Jell-O shots using your school's sauce cups

The Chive

These little condiment containers are the perfect size to make individual Jell-O shots and you can find them in your dining halls.