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Ktestone Color Personality Test From TikTok

How to Take the Color Personality Test That's All Over TikTok


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While many people dive into the depths of their personalities through their zodiac signs and birth charts, did you know you can also learn a lot about who you are with a color? One trend that's taken over TikTok is the Ktestone color personality test, which essentially says that everyone is a combination of four colors. In addition to matching you with a color aesthetic like "ocean depth" or "navy fiony," the personality test provides a detailed analysis of your character traits. While some colors are paired with poetic descriptions like "the deeper you share your feelings with me, the closer you can get to know me," others are hilariously ruthless. (For example, the color "sprout" represents a "lazy perfectionist" who "likes to stay at home.")

Though the results seem just about as arbitrary as the How Bad Is Your Spotify? trend, the color personality test isn't a bot that produces randomized results. It's based on the True Colors personality profiling system created by Don Lowry in 1978. In accordance with the personality temperament theory, this test asks 12 questions to measure your levels of blue, orange, green, and gold to create a unique color combination. The two dominant colors represent the essence of your personality: green personalities are independent thinkers, gold personalities are pragmatic planners, orange personalities are action-oriented, and blue personalities are people-oriented. Interestingly enough, if you check out the end of the URL associated with your result, you can also see four letters (such as ESFP or INTJ), which appear to tie your Ktestone color personality test result to one of the 16 possible results of the popular Meyers-Briggs personality test.

So, where can you take the Ktestone color personality test, and how are their color personalities determined? If you're like me and you headed straight for the TikTok comments section with no luck, we've got you covered.

How to Take the Color Personality Test From TikTok

You can take the color personality test on (a Korean quiz website), where you'll be prompted with a series of questions ranging from friendship dynamics to how you prepare for a trip. Upon answering them all, you'll see your results and be provided with detailed (and occasionally sassy) information about your very own color personality as well as the other colors with which you're most compatible.

Wondering what your color is? Prepare to be roasted (it's all in good fun!), and don't forget to add your results under the #PersonalColorAnalysis hashtag on TikTok to find your color twins!

—Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo

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