6 Airports With Insanely Cool Amenities

Who likes being bored during layovers? Airports around the globe are getting creative with how they keep their travelers occupied with thoughtful amenities such as yoga rooms, aquariums, and movie theaters. Whether it's long security lines or overpriced baggage fees, flying these days can be chaotic and stressful. That's why airports are starting to ease the travel experience with cool amenities that keep everyone entertained. If you're lucky enough to fly into one of these six airports, you will be wishing for a delayed layover or canceled flight.

Beer Garden at Munich Airport

Munich airport's "airbrau" beer garden is a tasty way to spend a layover. With seating for approximately 600 guests, it is Europe's largest roofed-in beer garden. Travelers can even tour the brewery to learn how the beer is made.

Rooftop Pool at Singapore Changi Airport

Take a dip in this rooftop pool as you watch planes take off from the runway. The pool area operates from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, so travelers can stay all day. Other insane amenities at this airport include the world's tallest slide in an airport, a butterfly garden, and a 24-hour Hello Kitty cafe.

Yoga Room at San Francisco International Airport

For travelers who are anxious and need to clear their minds, San Francisco International Airport has dedicated a room solely for meditation, self-reflection, and practicing yoga. Massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure services are also available at the airport's spa.

Mini Therapy Horses at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

These adorable miniature therapy horses help calm down passengers and ease any preflight jitters. Here, travelers can get cheered up before taking off. Twice a month, Denver and Ruby stand guard for those in need of a smile.

Aquarium at Vancouver International Airport

Home to 5,000 sea creatures, this 30,000 gallon aquarium at Vancouver International Airport holds everything from jellyfish to sea urchins, wolf eels, starfish, and more. The aquarium area also features greenery and a creek that runs through the terminal for those who want to sit and admire the nature.

Art Installations at Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport has been blazing the trail for art in airports. The art installations and murals throughout the airport bring the vision and talent of a diverse group of artists out of galleries and museums and to travelers.