Oh No! It's Lights Out on This Popular Disney World Parade

Walt Disney World's beloved nighttime electrical parade is leaving the park — but don't panic (yet)! Disney fans will be able to experience the event for a limited time when it moves to Disneyland.

Disney Parks just announced the end of the long-running parade that lights up Main Street USA each night at the Magic Kingdom Park, so book your trip ASAP for Disney World. The parade that features glowing floats and Disney character favorites will have its last night on Oct. 9. Park goers who can make it to the Disneyland show better hurry too, because the parade is there for a limited time as a last hurrah before it is gone from both parks completely. Sigh. All good things must come to an end, we guess. Hopefully something exciting will be taking the Main Street Electrical Parade's place! Stay tuned for new Disney park news.