Let's Discuss: Is Disneyland's New Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Really Worth It?

As soon as Disneyland's brand-new Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience debuted at the park on May 26, we could hardly contain our excitement. A new way to escape the crowds and catch a breather with a unique view of Tomorrowland? Heck yes, sign us up!

Now that the lounge has been up and running for a bit, many park-goers have started offering up their candid reviews of the experience — and they're actually pretty mixed. Though some have praised the area's stunning view of the park and nightly fireworks, others have expressed concerns that it may not be worth the cost. So we've compiled everything you need to know about the Tomorrowland lounge — including the pros and cons of certain features — so you can decide for yourself if this experience is worth splurging on during your next Disneyland visit.

The Whole Experience Costs $45 Per Person

Let's cut to the chase and talk about the most important factor first: the price. At $45 per person, the lounge experience is admittedly a tad expensive, and Annual Passholder discounts unfortunately don't apply. If you're planning to visit it with just one friend, it sounds more doable, but if you'd like to bring your whole family along for the adventure, that can quickly add up to quite the hefty sum. Included in that price is a dessert box, beverages, and a gorgeous view of the park and nighttime fireworks show, all of which we'll discuss more in depth below.

Booking Ahead of Time Is a Must

Needless to say, all the buzz surrounding the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge means that reservations can be a tad hard to snag. We suggest planning far in advance and booking your tickets ahead of time on the Disneyland website. And on the day of your reservation, Disney requests that you check in 15 minutes ahead of time, just FYI!

The Dessert Box Is Jam-Packed With Goodies

One of the main draws of this attraction is the one-of-a-kind dessert box, dubbed Solar System Sweets. Included in the container is quite the assortment of goodies: a mini cherry-filled pie, a bacon-covered cheese spread with crackers, and a cream-filled sponge cake in the shape of Mickey Mouse, among other treats. All together, these sound pretty rich, but we can't deny that we'd probably devour them in a heartbeat.

If you have specific dietary restrictions, there is an allergy-friendly box option available, according to the Disney Food Blog. Simply note your restrictions when making your reservation, and you'll receive a separate box of treats.

In addition to the Solar System Sweets, lounge visitors also have a choice of cold and hot beverages, including sodas, water, coffee, and hot chocolate. There are no alcoholic drinks available, which can be seen as a con, depending on your preferences.

It's Open Between 8 and 10 p.m.

We're feeling pretty conflicted about the lounge's hours of operation. On one hand, the fact that it's only open between 8 and 10 p.m. means that visitors will have the chance to admire the California sunset from a new vantage point (on the second floor of the Star Wars Launch Bay building). But on the other hand, we sort of wish it were open during afternoon hours so park-goers could have a different venue for taking a midday breather.

There's a Stunning View of the Fireworks Show

Let's be real: the most magical part of any visit to a Disney park is witnessing those classic nighttime fireworks shows. If you hate crowds, this lounge experience gives visitors a great way to escape them while getting a unique, panoramic view of the show. But, unfortunately, those shows can often be canceled at the last minute due to weather (usually high winds), so paying for the lounge with the sole purpose of watching the fireworks can be a pretty risky move.

The Space Itself Is Pretty Darn Instagrammable

With light-up tables and benches, the lounge is practically begging to have its picture taken. The glowing features makes for a fun, futuristic vibe, and the couches look supercomfortable for sitting back, relaxing, and soaking in the surrounding views.

Mickey and Minnie Usually Stop By

No trip to Disneyland is complete without a classic Mickey and Minnie photo, and the iconic duo tends to make a pit stop at the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge to greet visitors and pose for pictures.

There Are Other Fun Features — Like Board Games!

Lounge visitors can take advantage of some fun boards games while relaxing on those comfy couches. Connect Four, Jenga, and Checkers are all up for grabs. Plus, there are ample charging stations available if your phone is on its last leg as your day at Disneyland comes to a close.

Your Wristband Allows You to Come and Go as You Please

Upon entering the lounge, park-goers receive a wristband that grants them the ability to leave and re-enter if need be. This is especially helpful considering the fact that there is no bathroom in the lounge area, so guests will have to seek out a restroom nearby.

Something to Keep in Mind If You're Planning to Go With a Small Party

If you're planning to visit the lounge with a small group of people (say, just you and a friend), chances are you will be seated with another party in order to accommodate everyone in the whole group.