5 Ways to Be More Productive at Work (Hint: They All Take Less Than a Minute)

Struggling with productivity is something we're all familiar with. Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks for keeping your output level at an all time high, like creating to-do lists and setting aside time to engage in physical activity. And while these methods can be effective, ultimately they take time away from completing the task at hand. This time around, we're taking a totally different approach with productivity tips that are so effortless, they barely divert your attention or intrude on your workflow. Ahead are five quick and dirty things you can accomplish in a minute to help you stay sharp and keep your mental game strong.

1. Listen to pink noise

Pink noise may be linked to better sleep, but it could also be an answer to improved productivity. To help drown out distractions, throw on your headphones and listen to some pink noise, white noise's more balanced-sounding counterpart. Because of its consistent, steady, and less disruptive frequency, it's more soothing to listen to for extended periods than the random frequency of white noise and is an ideal background sound to increase your focus and concentration.

2. Take a supplement that supports brain health*

Our brain requires tremendous amounts of energy, and just like our bodies, it needs its fair share of vital nutrients for peak performance. A potent nutrient like citicoline, which can be found in capsule, powder, or liquid form, can help support cognitive health when taken consistently over time. The nutrient helps promote mental energy, including focus, attention, and recall.

3. Create 90-minute work blocks on your calendar

There's nothing like back-to-back meetings to suck the productivity right out of you. By scheduling work blocks for yourself on your calendar, not only can others see that you're unavailable during that time but it can help hold you accountable for getting things done. Research has found that our bodies work best in uninterrupted 90-minute intervals — by taking advantage of your natural cycles of alertness and fatigue, you can maximize productivity.

4. Blacklist distracting websites

To prevent procrastination, try blacklisting the websites you turn to when you're avoiding work. Whether it's your favorite blog or an endless social media feed, apps like SelfControl and browser extensions like StayFocusd help you block sites for set periods of time so you can focus on the task at hand.

5. Stand up

While there's no current consensus as to how effective standing desks are for productivity, there's no denying that standing up every once in awhile — even just for a minute — can help combat fatigue and boost your mood, energy level, and blood flow, which in turn can enhance brain activity.

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Cognizin Citicoline helps support focus and attention.* Supplements that contain Cognizin Citicoline include: Jarrow Formulas and EZ Melts.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.