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Beaver Moon November 2022 Spiritual Meaning

November's Full Moon Is a Total Lunar Eclipse — Here's What You Need to Know

30 November Full Moon, Beaver Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse

You'll be able to experience a handful of full moons throughout the year — there's typically one each month — but the November 2022 frost moon (also called the "beaver moon") is special since it's also a lunar eclipse. If you just so happen to witness the stunning lunar phenomenon in all of its glory, that's great: it'll be visible in North America during the early morning hours on Nov. 8, according to NASA.

Avid astrology followers may also specifically seek out this full moon because of its spiritual meaning. POPSUGAR chatted with professional astrologers who gave us the scoop on when the frost moon's lunar eclipse will appear, which zodiac signs will be impacted most, and why the November full moon has also earned the moniker of "beaver moon."

Why Is It Called the Beaver Moon?

The frost moon is one of the names given to the November full moon, but it's also referred to as the beaver moon, a nickname inspired by nature. "Native Americans, looking to keep track of time, named the full moons every month based on what was happening in nature," astrologer Kim Woods tells POPSUGAR. (For example, the January full moon is known as the wolf moon because wolves were said to be heard howling often during that time of year.) "In November, the full moon has two commonly adopted names: the frost moon and the beaver moon. The frost moon is named for the timing of the first hard frost, and the beaver moon is due to beavers building their winter dams by the light of the moon and hunters setting traps to capture the heavy pelts to stay warm during the winter."

When Is the Full Beaver Moon in 2022?

The full beaver moon is on Nov. 8 at 6:02 a.m. ET, according to Woods. And this isn't just any old beaver moon. "In 2022, the full beaver moon is also a total lunar eclipse, as the Earth moves between the sun and moon, which happens every six months," Woods says. That means as the Earth moves between the moon and sun, it will cast a visible shadow onto the full moon. The shadow often casts a reddish hue upon the moon, which is why lunar eclipses are sometimes called "blood moons," according to NASA.

Wondering where you'll be able to see the eclipse? Well, the moon will travel above the Pacific Ocean during this eclipse, so people in Hawaii and Alaska are in the ideal spots to witness the entire event, according to NASA; however, the eclipse will also be visible in the early morning hours before the moon sets in all of North and Central America.

What Sign Is the November Beaver Moon In?

The moon moves through many different signs throughout the month, but as a general rule of thumb, "a full moon occurs when the moon is in the opposite sign of the sun," Woods explains. For example, when the sun is in Scorpio during Scorpio season, the full moon will be in the sign opposite Scorpio in the sky: Taurus. (These are often referred to as sister signs.)

Thus, the November 2022 beaver moon will be in Taurus.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of the Beaver Moon?

In astrology, the moon is considered a reflection of our hearts and emotions, while the sun represents "power, how we enter the world, and the core of our being," Woods says. "When the sun and moon pull in opposite directions, the tension opens our ability to be and feel more than at other times."

"The spiritual meaning of the beaver moon in 2022, being an eclipse, signifies the collective soul karma and soul destiny, as noted by the points in the sky where the sun and moon paths cross," Woods continues. "The soul karma, or south node, is where we learn our karmic lessons, and the soul destiny, or north node, is where we are becoming."

So, what should we be mindful of going into the beaver moon in 2022? For one, anticipate the possibility of butting heads with others. The beaver moon "settles at its fullest point in Taurus, bringing with it powerful, determined energy, but with that the potential for fallouts between those of us with already strong personalities," astrologer Melody J tells POPSUGAR.

Taurus is known to be tough and grounded, albeit a bit stubborn. That personality rubs off, so to speak, on the full moon this month. "Coupled with the steadfast power of Taurus, this beaver moon should leave us all feeling strengthened," Melody J adds. "However, we should be careful that this strength of will doesn't leave us inflexible. Taurean energy can be powerful but headstrong, and even though ice can be stronger than water, it can also be brittle."

Overall, during this beaver moon, "we're learning to let go of drama, power plays, and being overly materialistic," Woods says. "We're moving toward appreciating basic values, being calm, and feeling safe and secure. Simple pleasures and creature comforts take on elevated meaning." Woods also suggests setting intentions for what we really want to achieve. "This beaver moon is also a total lunar eclipse, giving us a six-month timeframe for manifestation for any intentions we set during this ecliptic cycle," Woods says.

What Does the Beaver Moon Mean For Zodiac Signs?

Since this beaver moon is a full moon total lunar eclipse in Taurus at 16 degrees, the fixed signs — Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio — will be most influenced by the lunation, astrologer Liz Simmons (aka @the__crone) says. Specifically, "Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio are due for unpredictable yet fated changes during this eclipse," she says.

In astrology, full moons signify the end of a cycle. During the frost moon, "it might be best for the fixed signs to reflect on the last six months to see what comes to light at the end of this cycle," Simmons explains. "Usually, fixed signs do not like chaotic change, but this lunation may encourage them to get out of their comfort zone. The fixed signs should remember that greater stability and security are on the other side of uncertainty."

When Is the Next Full Moon?

The next full moon (aka the December cold moon) will happen on Saturday, Dec. 18, at 11:36 p.m. ET.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo

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