You Can Stay in This Amazing Cave Hotel For Only $175 a Night

Get your bags packed immediately — we've found the perfect place for an unusual European getaway. This dreamy hotel will tick all of your boxes, make all your friends jealous, and, best of all, won't cost more than $175 a night.

The Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Turkey is seriously special. Built into the caves of the Cappadocia region, each of the 35 rooms is unique (and comes with spectacular views), and the outdoor pool area is serious Instagram material. The hotel used to be a monastery retreat, which gives you an idea of your surroundings: peace and quiet and the perfect place to unwind in the sunshine. This isn't a party hotel, which is just as well because once we get comfy, we have no intention of moving from that fabulous pool.

Take a look through the amazing photos, then grab your best travel pal and your cool pool float and prepare for an adventure.