If You're TRULY Obsessed With Harry Potter, Then This Is the 1 Map You Need in Your Life

One of the biggest "Muggle struggles" for Harry Potter fans is the fact that, despite how real they seem in our imaginations, magical locations like Hogwarts and Diagon Alley don't actually exist as we know them. But as Professor Dumbledore would surely remind us, why on earth should that mean they're not real? Thanks to HP-fansite Pottermore and Time Out London, travelers now have a veritable Marauder's Map of all the London locations mentioned in the books or shown in the movies. Even though we can't enjoy a pint at the Leaky Cauldron or check our balance at Gringott's, this comprehensive guide means that we can at least visit the spots that inspired those fictional establishments.

We've included closer-up shots below, but you can also open the above map in another window to explore it in full-resolution. Visit Time Out for deeper explanations about map additions, such as:

  • Film location number two: the London Zoo Reptile House (where Harry has his first encounter with a Brazilian snake)
  • Book location number four: Vauxhall Road (where young Tom Riddle buys his famous diary)
  • Film location number 13: Scotland Place (where the phone booth entrance to the Ministry of Magic is located)

Next time you visit London, these 19 spots will definitely be at the top of your Harry Potter bucket list!

Time Out London