All I Want to Do Is Eat Dumplings While Wearing These Heated Dumpling Slippers

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My idea of a perfect night involves coziness and dumplings, so I think I've just found my match: heated dumpling slippers from Urban Outfitters. The Smoko Heated Slippers ($35) are already warm thanks to the fleece, but they heat up when plugged into a USB port and will keep you toasty. If these sound familiar to you, you might be remembering Urban Outfitters' heated corgi slippers — the "dumpling" option is a new version of the same popular product!

Not only are these cute enough to keep displayed in your room, but they also make a great white elephant gift for a friend. My feet are freezing nine times out of 10, so excuse me while I go place a delivery order for soup dumplings and a pair or two of these. See more photos of the smiling dumpling slippers and shop them ahead.