How You Can Help Victims of the Attacks in Beirut and Paris

POPSUGAR Photography | Mark Popovich
POPSUGAR Photography | Mark Popovich

Unimaginable tragedies like the ones in Beirut, Lebanon, on Thursday, Nov. 12, and Paris on Friday, Nov. 13, can be paralyzing. In the aftermath, it becomes difficult to fathom them, much less talk or write about them. One way of dealing with that sense of hopelessness is to give back. Below, we've listed the various local and global charity organizations that could use your help.

  • French Red Cross: About 300 volunteers are providing medical aid to victims of the attacks.
  • French Popular Relief: The local organization provides clothing, money, and material assistance during emergencies.
  • Restaurants of Love: The French charity is donating meals to those in need.
  • Friends of Fondation de France: The American organization offers a streamlined way to donate to various French funds.
  • Doctors Without Borders: The global organization provides medical assistance during emergencies.
  • Save the Children: The global organization addresses the needs of Lebanese children and adolescents.
  • Mercy Corps: The disaster relief fund provides money and material assistance to Lebanese refugees and victims.
  • Islamic Relief USA: The global organization donates food, clothing, and humanitarian assistance to disaster survivors.
  • American Near East Refugee Aid: ANERA provides emergency relief to Lebanese families and refugees.