Tips For Washing Windows Like a Pro

Washing windows is no fun. Make Spring cleaning easier with these tips for washing windows like a pro. It's a good ideabrand> to tackle this project twice a year, which makes it less intensive. And all that rubbing and spraying isn't really necessary! Check out these smart tips for washing windows like a pro.

The Right Stuff

If you've been spraying your windows and then scrubbing with newspaper or paper towels, it's time to get some new supplies. Head to the dollar store for soft sponges, microfiber cloths, big and small squeegees, and a bucket. These helpers make windows spot free — and also work on mirrors and car windows too.

Tackle Big Windows First

Fill your bucket with a gallon of warm water and add one teaspoon of dish soap to create a gentle cleaning solution for your windows. Dampen a soft sponge with the solution and gently wash the window. If you're tackling a really large area, or one that's hard to reach, pick up a strip applicator, which gives you a little extra reach. Wipe the window clean with a squeegee, moving from the top of the window to bottom, wiping the blade dry with a lint-free cloth. Work along edges with a clean microfiber or lint-free cloth, and your big windows are sparkling.

Cleaning Small Windows

For small or multiplane windows, use a small sponge and the same cleaning solution. Work slowly, rubbing into the sides of panes, and then wipe clean with a soft cloth or minisqueegee for spotless results. And this is a great way to put old cotton shirts to good use. Just cut them up and use them for giving windows a final buff.

Head Outside

Clean the other side of windows with the same method outdoors. That's it! Stash all your window-cleaning supplies, and you're finished. Live in an apartment complex? Check and see if your windows are removable or if your HOAs cover exterior window washing.


Don't freak out when smudges happen! Instead of reaching for the whole collection of cleaning supplies, make your own window cleaner for touch-ups between big cleanings.