These Colorful Roller Skates Are a '70s Dream Come True, and We're Ready to Bring Back the Past

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We're going to take a wild guess and say that the last time you went roller skating was at a friend's birthday party when you were in elementary school. Unless you're an avid roller skater, it's probably been more than a hot minute since you last laced up your skates (and they were probably those yellow-and-blue Fisher-Price ones with the orange wheels. You know what we're talking about).

That's why Impala Rollerskates is here to make roller skating cool again. Launched in Melbourne, Australia, in 2017, the company's line of '70s-inspired, PETA-approved PVC skates are totally adorable and basically made for Instagram. Oh yeah, and did we mention that they're holographic? Whether you're looking to hit the pavement or just use them as a decor piece (it could totally work!), this pair of Impala Quad Skates in Holographic ($100) is the way to go. Be sure to keep reading for all of the other fun colors and designs available (hint: Rose Gold!).