23 Motivating Instagram Accounts Every Black Woman Should Have on Her Timeline

The world can be incredibly draining, and the beauty of social media is that, while it can serve as a source of constant information, it can also be the key to your reprieve. Sometimes you just need a bit of wisdom to help you get over a painful day, or a bit of laughter to remind you that not everything in the world is gloom and doom. And when you're a Black woman, you may want to find those sources of light and laughter from people who understand your struggles on a deeper level. The next time you're seeking solace, a word of encouragement, or just the reminder that Black women continue to keep crushing the game, be sure to check out any of these 18 uplifting accounts!


Black Girls Run! (@officialblackgirlsrun)

It can be a challenge to find women of color who specialize in health and wellness. Thankfully that's all changing, and Black Girls Run! is part of that. Created to empower Black women to prioritize healthy living and make fitness a part of their everyday lives, BGR is a constant source of wellness inspiration and encouragement for all.


Makeba Lindsay (@ynotkeeb)

Makeba Lindsay does it all: fitness, travel, fashion, wellness, and more. The hairstylist and YouTuber is all about the empowerment of women by encouraging self-love and positivity. She's always a breath of fresh air on the timeline and a constant source of inspiration for anyone's bucket list.


So She Slays (@sosheslays)

So She Slays is the perfect page for any woman who needs an extra shot of motivation on a tough day, or a reminder of how badass you are just for waking up and continuing the good fight.


Myleik Teele (@myleik)

Not only is Myleik a boss (she is the founder and CEO of Curlbox, the first monthly subscription service for naturally curly hair), she's also on a campaign to motivate women to live life on their own terms. Her Instagram page is the perfect stop for reevaluating your life goals and getting sage advice on how to manage live, love, and work.


Cleo Wade (@cleowade)

Cleo Wade's Instagram page is the perfect place to find a bit of peace in the insanity of the today's world. The author and poet provides constant bits of wisdom to remind her followers to believe in themselves, continually work to do better, and to always keep going.


Brown Girl Self-Care Co. (@browngirlselfcare)

The name of the game is self-care and Brown Girl Self-Care Co. is giving it to you in droves! This page is a safe space for Black women to open up about their personal methods of self care and learn new ways to fulfill their dreams while living their best lives.


Victoria (@thevicstyles)

Not only will Vic Styles bless your timeline with her soothing aesthetic, but she'll also provide you with inspiration thanks to her candidness about success, failure, and everything in between. Watching her accomplish her dreams will be all the motivation you need to work on yours.


Yasmine Cheyenne (@yasminecheyenne)

As a self-described spiritual teacher, Yasmine Cheyenne strives to aid women in taking care of their mental health and protecting their peace of mind. It can be frightfully easy for Black women to prioritize others ahead of them, and Yasmine's page is an excellent reminder to put yourself first!


Black Girl in Om (@blackgirlinom)

The intention is all in the introduction — "Creating space for women of color to breathe easy." Black Girl in Om continuously reminds followers to focus on what is fueling them forward and gives tips on maintain inner peace.


Yrsa Daley-Ward (@yrsadaleyward)

Yrsa Daley-Ward — a writer, model, and actor — regularly encourages her followers to dig deep and be present through the poetry she posts to her Instagram page. Using her ever-growing platform, she spreads her message of "loving your damn self," and reminding folks to "seize that loveliness," which is sometimes all you need to set you on the right path.


Alexandra Elle (@alex_elle)

Alexandra Elle is an author, poet, and host of the Hey Girl Podcast. Much like her podcast, her Instagram page is full of quotes on self-care, personal growth, and tips on nurturing your sense of self.


Black Girls With Gardens (@blackgirlswithgardens)

I'm pretty sure it's a scientific fact that having plants makes you happier — and if it's not, it should be. Black Girls With Gardens is making sure that all of us looking to enrich our lives with some greenery has support, inspiration, and a safe place to ask questions. Jas, BGWG's page creator, has cultivated such a serene feed that each post will bring a bit of peace, wonder, and a hunger to nourish your own garden.


Black Girls Code (@blackgirlscode)

Who doesn't love the empowerment of Black women to explore paths they never thought available to them? Black Girls Code works to increase the number of Black women in the digital technology space by introducing young women to the art of coding. In an industry heavily dominated by white males, BGC is a reminder of how important the opportunity to learn is. These Black girls are making history everyday and it's amazing to watch!


Black Girls Graduate (@blackgirlsgraduate)

Whether you're a potential student, an undergrad, or you've said goodbye to academics a long time ago, Black Girls Graduate will inspire you. A page designed to highlight Black women shaking the table as they navigate their studies and beyond, BGG is the perfect page to remind yourself of how far you've come and the ones that are coming up right behind you.


Maya Washington (@mayasworld)

Maya's sole mission when she began her influencer journey was to "inspire people to abandon fear and live out their dreams shamelessly." That is a big task, but she's tackled it all with a zeal that is practically infectious. Whether she's doling out vital life lessons, asking a question to challenge your world view, or just serving a serious look, Maya brings such life to her page that by the time you're done scrolling through, you'll be asking yourself, "What would happen if I was shameless?"


Francheska (@heyfranhey)

One-third of the voices behind The Friend Zone podcast, and the creator of the popular YouTube channel Hey Fran Hey, Francheska is a stunning guide to a world of natural living, self-care, and wellness. Sometimes all you need is someone to tell you to slow it down and take a deep breath. Francheska is definitely that someone.


Black and Well (@blackandwell)

Black and Well serves constant reminders that the most important way to live your life is to fill up your cup before you pour out into the world. Each post will uplift your mind and your spirit.


The Good Quote (@thegoodquote)

Sometimes you just need a soothing quote or well written reminder that you can get through whatever feels impossible at the moment. The Good Quote is perfect for that little bit of inspiration that will grant you a renewed sense of purpose and peace!


The Creative Collective NYC (@theccnyc)

What is more inspiring than learning about the work that other Black creatives are putting out into the world?! The Creative Collective NYC works to "curate BRAVE spaces for creatives of color every month" and celebrates amazing work that will stimulate your innovative juices with every post.


Transparent Black Girl (@transparentblackgirl)

We all know that there's a lot of stigmas around what it means to be mentally and physically well for Black women, and Transparent Black Girl works to shatter those illusions. If you've ever needed a safe place that acknowledges that you're human and need to be treasured and protected as much as the next person, this is the account for you.


The Free Black Women's Library (@thefreeblackwomenslibrary)

Did someone ask for stimulating inspiration in the form of Black written works? The Free Black Women's Library provides followers with art and writing that centers and celebrates the lives of Black women. Enrich your life with the stories written by and for you!


The Step Sistas (@thestepsistas)

Who says you can't combine your love of dance with some serious workouts? The Step Sistas take all the hits and combine them with hard-hitting moves to get followers' blood pumping and asses shaking. We love to see wellness mesh with a banging beat!


Melanin & Mental Health (@melaninandmentalhealth)

As hard as it can be for Black folks to find space in the mental wellness space, social media is working to make that change. Melanin & Mental Health works to connect people to therapists who understand Black and Latinx experiences, as well as provide their followers with the steps and advice to take care of themselves.