Throw These 9 Things Into Your Bag For a Productive Day

No one knows what the day will bring, but that's why we partnered with belVita on this post — to help you prepare for anything.

Set yourself up for a successful day thanks to a few items that easily fit in your bag. You might not realize how having helpers at your fingertips cuts time — and provides productive assistance when you really need it. Sure, you already have your basic essentials tucked in there, but get yourself organized and toss these nine items in your bag too.

  1. Check it off: Tuck a daily checklist into your bag so you never forget a thing. Spend a few minutes writing out your to-do list the night before or first thing in the morning while sipping coffee. Along with reminding you of all the things you want to accomplish during the day, literally crossing off an item feels good and motivates you to do more.
  2. Paper and pen: Sure, you can whip out your phone and attempt to email yourself things to remember or shoot off a quick note to a friend or workmate, but putting pen to paper creates a brain-body experience that helps you make a mental connection. Add a notebook and pen or pencil to the front pocket of your bag so they're always available when you need to take note.
  3. Water: Hydration is essential for a healthy day — keeping your body moving and your brain energized. Sipping a cool glass first thing in the morning boosts your metabolism and gets the day started right. But stashing a water bottle in your bag lets you drink during the day while saving you cash. No need to pay for pricey bottles of water when you can fill your own!
  4. Nibbles: Busy morning? Tuck belVita Bites into your bag for an on-the-go breakfast. Having a healthy prepackaged nibble gives you the energy to get through the morning without causing unwanted sluggishness from sugar-filled bites.
  5. Ear buds: Yes, essential for listening to music during your morning commute, but you can also use those earbuds for streaming motivational lectures or even learning a new language, which builds your knowledge base — and your productivity.
  6. A book: You know when you get stuck waiting longer than expected for your lunch order? Instead of staring at your phone, reach for a book and read a few pages. Reading boosts your brain while encouraging your creativity — and builds vocabulary. And that goes for a work of historical fiction, that steamy romance, or an easy beach read.
  7. Instant caffeine: Save yourself money and put a few tea bags or instant coffee packets in your bag for making during your hectic day. Along with only taking minutes to brew (in comparison to waiting in line at your favorite coffee shop), you save cash — and you can't beat that.
  8. Fresh spritz: Mix together mineral water, a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and a touch of fresh lemon or orange juice in a spray bottle for an invigorating facial spray that lifts your spirits, helping you power through the day. Extra bonus — a hydrating facial spray is so good for your skin!
  9. Feisty mints: Feeling sluggish? Reach for peppermint- or cinnamon-flavored breath mints or gum, which are both flavors that boost your mood and kick up energy levels. Peppermint is like a natural jolt for your brain while cinnamon adds a bit of fiery heat to your system, getting you up and moving.

Have your own #MorningWin — grab belVita Bites on the go as part of a complete breakfast for four whole hours of steady energy.