JetBlue Is Doing Something Major to Help Hurricane Irma Evacuation Efforts

Usually making changes to your ticket last minute — or worse, buying a new one entirely right before a flight — will cost you hundreds of dollars. But in light of the impending Category 5 Hurricane Irma, JetBlue is doing something pretty amazing.

The airline is capping all ticket prices in every city in Florida where it operates in order to help evacuate people from the hurricane's path.

According to Yahoo Finance, JetBlue will charge "a maximum of $99 up to the last available seat for direct flights and a maximum of $159 up to the last available seat for connecting flights," including government taxes. In addition to this move, JetBlue is also increasing the number of flights out of cities where it has planes available and waiving cancellation and change fees for existing reservations.

With prices skyrocketing for last-minute tickets, this initiative by JetBlue is admirable, and hopefully other airlines will follow suit in putting the safety of Florida residents and visitors first.

Delta Airlines is also reducing fares, waiving change fees for customers, and adding extra flights due to Hurricane Irma.