California's Bright Pink Hotel Is One of the Biggest (and Best!) Secrets on the West Coast

Madonna Inn will undoubtedly be the most unique hotel you'll ever visit. Located in San Luis Obispo, CA, the whimsical building is filled with 110 rooms, all with their own eye-catching decor. The Gold Rush Steak House in the hotel is a hot pink burst of joy known for its delectable cakes and sweets. There's also a big infinity pool with a 45-foot cascading waterfall; this place would be amazing for a Summer vacation.

You can view all the rooms and choose your favorite one, so you'll get the exact experience you're hoping for. Whether you want to stay in a royal blue palace, a rustic cave, or a glittery pink bachelorette pad, there's something for you. The rooms start at $209 a night, which really isn't bad considering the once in a lifetime experience you'll have. Check out all the vibrant photos to see what this awesome place is like!