Whoa, This Secluded Cave in Chile Looks Like It's Straight Out of The Little Mermaid

Do you ever watch The Little Mermaid and think . . . I wish I were part of that world? Well, you're in luck! There's a place you can visit that you'll swear is Ariel's Grotto from the Disney classic. It's the Marble Caves in Patagonia, Chile, which are known for their dazzling colors and pristine waters, and once you see them, chances are you'll start humming "Under the Sea."

The natural beauty — officially called Capillas de Mármol — is a series of sculpted caves with amazing shades of blue, including sapphire, seafoam greens, and turquoise, in the General Carrera Lake in the heart of Patagonia. And its history is as rich as its colors — over more than 6,000 years, lake currents have lapped at the marble, slowing carving out the smooth formations. The colors change throughout the year, too, depending on the water levels and season (this is due to light hitting the water). The spot is so secluded, though, that it requires an aquatic adventure to get there — meaning you have to travel by boat, kayak, or ferry (or mermaid fins). Until you book this bucket-list trip, here are pictures to flip over.