Soon, You May Be Able Ride Through the Airport on Your Suitcase

Navigating an airport can be a stressful undertaking, even if you're not scrambling to make your flight. But maneuvering through gates riding on your suitcase is either a nightmare or a godsend, depending on the way you look at it.

You're probably thinking, "Wait — a motorized suitcase? Rewind." Let's explain. A recently launched IndieGogo campaign wants to bring you a suitcase that doubles as a scooter you can ride through any airport. The Modobag, as it's appropriately called, will zoom you to your gate as fast as eight miles per hour can take you. Other perks: it charges your phone, fits in the overhead, can travel up to six miles per charge, and is comfortable (or so they tell us).

Of course, it's comfort and convenience over cool and casual appearances if you decide "the world's first rideable luggage" is exactly what you've been searching for your whole life. We can't help but chuckle picturing an airport full of people riding around on their suitcases. Wheeeee. Still, if it helps us catch our flights faster, we're not complaining.