These No-Tie "Shoelaces" Are Seriously Genius

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Sneakers are a staple in our everyday wardrobes, but shoelaces can complicate things for many of us. If you're tired of bending over to tie your kicks or don't have the mobility to do so, these Inmaker No-Tie Shoelaces ($5-$9) will make a huge difference. Gem Hubbard — a UK disability activist — flagged these accessible shoelaces on her Instagram, saying their stretchy silicone makes them "quick and easy to install" and that they're an "absolute game-changer." The shoelaces come in multiple colors for both kids and adults, and allow you to slide on sneaks easily without the hassle of tying them up. Oh, and the best part? They look exactly like regular shoelaces and feel just as comfortable, so your new flashy Golden Goose kicks (or sneaker brand of choice) don't look out of sorts. No one will be able to tell the difference!

These easy-to-use shoelaces are sold on Amazon and average four stars with more than 17,000 ratings, so you can feel confident Priming this purchase to your doorstep. See you never, shoe tying!