How Your North Node Determines Your Fate in Astrology

While your birth chart can give you insight into your traits and motivations and your house placements can reveal your communication style, there's so much more working together to form your astrological profile. One of these components is known as a North Node, and it can unveil your destiny. Unlike the planets in your birth chart that represent your quirks or habits, your North Node is a point in your chart that indicates your life's purpose.

What Does Your North Node Mean?

Also called your "true node," your North Node determines your fate and the spiritual purpose that you're meant to fulfill. This is also associated with karma and is a product of what you learned in past lives. To understand the karma or purpose of your North Node, you need to know the qualities and motivations of the sign that it's stationed in.

For example, if your North Node is in humanitarian Aquarius, your purpose revolves around serving others and pushing your community toward a progressive future. That being said, your fate is likely associated with social justice, politics, or community-led nonprofit organizations.

How to Find Your North Node

In order to find your North Node, you'll need your birthday, where you were born, and your exact time of birth. You can plug these in an astrology app or use a North Node calculator to find out your North Node.

North Node in Aries

Aries zodiac signs are visionaries and often jump headfirst into all that they do. You're destined to compete, set trends, and use your entrepreneurial skills.

North Node in Taurus

Taurus is a hopeless-romantic earth sign, so they typically have a practical but artistic approach to life. Your purpose includes exploring art, relationships, and comfort.

North Node in Gemini

Geminis are great communicators and inquisitive by nature. In this life, you're destined to follow your curiosity through teaching and learning or express yourself through writing or public speaking.

North Node in Cancer

Nurturing and empathetic, Cancer is all about caring for others. Your purpose is to support others, working closely in the home or with families.

North Node in Leo

Leos are creative and fun-loving fire signs who love to be center stage. In this life, you're destined to live out your artistic expression and entertain others.

North Node in Virgo

Virgos are altruistic and have an eye for detail. Your destiny involves being of service to others, healing, planning, and organizing.

North Node in Libra

Libras are diplomatic and relationship-oriented air signs. Your purpose is to mediate, build relationships, and promote justice in the world.

North Node in Scorpio

Mysterious and deeply emotional, Scorpios are all about seeking intimacy. Your destiny is about embracing emotions and stepping into your own power.

North Node in Sagittarius

Sagittarians are adventurous fire signs who are always looking to expand their skills and knowledge. Your purpose is to explore the world and share your wisdom.

North Node in Capricorn

Capricorns are ambitious and pragmatic earth signs. In this life, you aim to garner a reputation and be recognized for your skills and career.

North Node in Aquarius

Aquarians are the humanitarians and rebels of the zodiac. Your purpose is to fight for progressive change in your community.

North Node in Pisces

Intuitive and imaginative, Pisces are attracted to the metaphysical world. You're destined for a spiritual life and following your intuition.