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How to Clean a Front-Load Washer

Keep Your Washing Machine Pristine With These Easy Steps

How to Clean a Front-Load Washer
Image Source: Getty / Cris Cantón

Arguably, the best part about top-loading washing machines is that they don't require as much squatting to clean compared to their front-loading counterparts. Top-loading machines also don't run as high of a risk for mold or mildew because water is able to evaporate up and out of the machine's tub, which means less stinky odor to deal with.

On the downside, top-loading washing machines typically don't fit as many clothes, nor do they feature fancy self-cleaning settings. The cleaning process for top-loaders is quite similar to front-loaders, albeit with a few key exceptions.

Instructions for Cleaning a Top-Loading Washing Machine

  1. Double check the machine is completely empty.
  2. Using bleach, scrub all attachments: soap, bleach, and fabric softener dispensers.
  3. Take an old toothbrush, and vigorously scrub the door and hinges, especially where lint and dirt may have sneakily piled up. If your door has rubber gaskets (maybe as a sound barrier or as a safe-grip), be sure to clean in and around those as well.
  4. Pour four cups of bleach into the top-load washer.
  5. Start a normal wash cycle with hot water. Once the drum has filled, pause the cycle, and let the bleach-water solution sit for 30 minutes. This allows the bleach to really settle in and get to work. After 30 minutes, resume the cycle.
  6. Run an additional rinse cycle to make sure all the bleach is gone.
  7. Leave the washer door open so the drum can air-dry.
  8. Wipe down the exterior of your top-loading washer with disinfectant wipes.
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