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Best US Spas

12 Destination Spas to Visit in the US to Recharge and Relax

Mii Amo (Sedona, AZ)
Image Source: Mii Amo

As Colorado luxury dude ranch C Lazy U Ranch's onsite retreat, Lazy You Spa ideally balances the fulcrum between rustic charm and premium modern amenities. Most of the year, treatments are completed in six upscale tents overlooking Willow Creek — but when the temperature drops during Winter, the spa is relocated to the property's Ranch Cabin. Signature treatments include the Cowboy Copper Tub Soaks, Rancher Foot Rub & Soak, and Integrated Yoga Massage, which infuses a Swedish massage with Thai yoga compression and stretches; to get the ultimate Lazy You Spa experience, request a treatment in one of the two overwater tents with glass floors.

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