You Can Rent Your Own Private Island in Belize For $495!

There's nothing like escaping to a remote getaway, especially if you can score your own private island. While that option is out of reach for most of us, a place called Bird Island in Belize makes that dream attainable for just $495 per night on Airbnb. It's a hefty price for a hotel room but a shockingly affordable fee to be able to vacation on your own small island inside a coral reef.

The three-bedroom and one-bathroom listing is 20 minutes away from the village of Placencia, which means you get to enjoy total privacy and the best snorkeling free of tourists. According to the Airbnb post, transportation to and from the island from Placencia is included, though food is not provided other than basic condiments. Guests are also free to use the two kayaks and, of course, the island's other amenities that include a sundeck, barbecue, lookout tower, and more. The only catch is that booking requires a minimum stay of four days (seven days max). But hey, you get an island to yourself!

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