50 States of Scary: The Most Terrifying Haunted Houses You MUST Visit in America

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You know what time of year it is?! Just kidding, it doesn't matter if it's Halloween or not, the people who are truly committed to the holiday are always ready for a good scare. We have scoured every corner of the country to bring you the most terrifying and entertaining haunted houses you must visit in America.

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Arx Mortis: Named one of USA Today's top scariest attractions in the country, this haunted house has professional animatronics, actors, makeup, and sets that will definitely scare the crap out of you.

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Gateway to Darkness: Don't bring young children to this one — the terrifying experience even causes some adults to leave early.

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Fear Farm: This is some next-level stuff. The Fear Farm has five haunted houses and a corn maze. This year you can play Zombie Apocalypse Live — check out how it all goes down in the video above.

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Night Terrors 13 Haunted House: This 18,000-square-foot haunted house is known for its goriness.

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Alcatraz Night Tour: For a spooky experience that's not a staged haunted house, the night tours on Alcatraz are totally chilling. Take a ferry out to the abandoned prison after dark and explore the place where some of the world's deadliest men roamed.

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The 13th Floor: Featured on the Travel Channel, this Denver haunted house has a few different attractions. The Dwellings of the Dead tour is especially bone-chilling.

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Amity Road Horror: Enter the haunted woods and follow the trail where evil lurks around every corner. You'll definitely see a chainsaw or two.



Terror Behind the Walls: Located at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, this superscary place has six different attractions that guests can experience.

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Hellview Cemetery: This Floridian cemetery is filled with bodies that are centuries old. It's now a haunted attraction, so you can make your way through the location for a good scare.

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Netherworld Haunted House: This dark walk-through attraction is filled with live actors, special effects, and big monsters.

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Scare Hawaii: This haunted house calls itself a "mentally and physically draining experience you will not forget." Its main goal is for each visitor to experience their deepest emotions through fear.

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Nightmare on Grelle Avenue: Step inside this haunted building for a creepy time. Inside you will find a terrifying clown, the living dead, and surprises around every corner.

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Statesville Haunted Prison: At this haunted attraction, you will be forced to find your way through 23 maximum-security cells and come eye to eye with over 100 criminals who were too evil to die. Then you make your way through the burial pit where prisoners have risen from the dead.

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Thrashers House of Terror: This massive haunted house brings in people from all over the state.

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Plant Kingdom's Wicked Woods: Making your way through this demented forest is so creepy. You will walk through Samhain cemetery, whispering fields, and the wicked woods themselves.

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium: This sanatorium is known as one of the most haunted places on earth. If you're truly brave, it offers eight-hour overnight tours.

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The 13th Gate: Journey through 13 themed indoor and outdoor areas that seem so real, you'll question everything. Over 100 professional actors, 12 special effects makeup and airbrush artists, and several costume specialists work together to bring the terrifying show to life each night.

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Destination Haunt: Voted scariest haunt in Maine, this place takes you through creepy areas like the execution center.

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Bennett's Curse: Updated every year to keep the surprises coming, this haunted house takes you through three stages: Medieval Underworld, Inferno 3D, and Sanctuary of Insanity.

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Erebus: This four-story haunted house held the world record for longest walk-through attraction until 2009 — it's still huge and filled with creatures.

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Scream Town: You'll have a very intense experience when visiting Scream Town. It has eight different attractions that organizers work on year round to give visitors the ultimate experience.

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Haunted Hill: Consider this Halloween attraction to be a classic haunted house. It's incredibly scary and exactly what everyone wants when looking for the quintessential spooky experience.

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Scarefest: The ghouls and creatures at Scarefest will come right at you as you walk through any three of the haunted houses. This is one of the biggest attractions in St. Louis during Halloween.

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The Fear Mine: This haunted mine is occupied by miners from over 100 years ago. Ghosts aren't the only things that will surprise you — there are a lot of terrors.

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Scary Acres: Go through the Master's Castle, the Haunted Woods, and the House on the Hill at Scary Acres. Check out all 20 acres of ghouls.

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New Hampshire

Fright Kingdom: You could spend days at this terrifying attraction because there are so many different areas to see. You'll come across everything from vampires to crazed clowns.

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New Jersey

Haunted Scarehouse: Ready for two floors of fear? "Inspired by the imaginative genius of pioneer Walt Disney and his theme parks, Scarehouse's creative team strives to match Disney's awe-inspiring levels of craftsmanship, detail, and live performance," the site says.

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New Mexico

Slaughter House: This haunted house is so scary, more than half the people who attend have to forfeit. This year's attraction is supposed to be better than ever.

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New York

The Blackout Experience: The New York Post calls this "the scariest haunted house in New York City." You are forced to walk through the attraction by yourself, which makes it all the more terrifying.

Headless Horseman: This year, the freaky experience includes scary hayrides and nine different haunted houses.

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North Carolina

Spooky Woods: Immerse yourself in the haunted woods, where a disturbing circus filled with crazy performers is there just to terrify you.

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North Dakota

Acres of Terror: Make your way though cornfields and an abandoned schoolhouse for a night filled with hair-raising forces of evil.

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The Dent Schoolhouse: The old schoolhouse is filled with details that look so realistic, it will seriously freak you out. The demented dean of the school is especially frightening.

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Nightmare in the Country Scream Park: Check out this outdoor haunted park and choose from six freaky attractions across a five-acre complex.

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13th Door: At this haunted attraction, you can "find yourself plagued by rotting zombies in an old overgrown cemetery and almost trampled to death by the wild horse dragging its hearse and undead passengers. Enter the underground boiler room with its twisting dark passages where rabid dogs have been found feasting on rotting human corps," according to the site.

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The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride: Featured on the Travel Channel a few times, the hayride and haunted house has levitating spirits, floorboards that come alive, pictures that follow you, and animatronic props. The actors in this attraction are too convincing to handle.

Terror Behind the Walls: Prepare yourself to experience Eastern State Penitentiary in a way you could only imagine in your nightmares. There are six sections to see.

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Rhode Island

Haunted Labyrinth: We dare you to take a stroll through labyrinth to encounter a workshop of horrors.

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South Carolina

Kreepy Hallow: Most people describe the feelings they have in Kreepy Hallow as intense fear. Be prepared for the scariest hayride of your life.

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South Dakota

Terror in the Dark: Not only is this haunted house downright frightening, but it also raises money for kids' charitable programs.

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McKamey Manor: This could possibly be the most terrifying experience a human could have in the entire world. The interactive haunted house tour that recently moved from San Diego to locations near Nashville and Huntsville, AL, lasts from four to seven hours and requires you to sign an in-depth waiver. Whoa.

Frightmare Manor: This five-attraction scream park is set on the historic blood-soaked property of serial killer Jeremiah Lexer. It's pretty scary.

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House of Torment: There are three attractions at House of Torment, containing monsters, creatures, and entertainers that interact with you throughout the grounds.

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Nightmare on 13th: Prepare for a whole lot of chainsaw action and relentlessly evil creatures to come at you at this haunted house.

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Nightmare Vermont: This interactive haunted house runs in underground spaces and has a reputation for cinema-level visual effects and engaging characters.

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Darkwood Manor: Called a unique house of fear, this haunted house creates a new story for visitors every year surrounding the legend of Darkwood Manor, with new characters and scenes.

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Georgetown Morgue: Wander this disturbed morgue to see if you can escape the body-strewn sewers and private janitorial quarters that you must walk through.

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West Virginia

West Virginia Penitentiary: The old penitentiary transforms into a house of horrors during Halloween season, complete with a haunted house and zombie paintball.

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Nightmare on 17th Street: Be sure to check out this haunted house on blackout night, when you can walk through the attraction in total darkness.