People Are Flipping Out Over This Magical Secret Grand Canyon Waterfall

As if you needed another reason to add the Grand Canyon to your American travel bucket list, we have just the cause to put your wanderlusting heart into a trip-planning frenzy. The internet is full-on freaking out about Havasupai Falls, and you'll soon see exactly why.

Situated in the southwest corner of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the stunning blue-green watering hole is within the tribal lands of the Havasupai people. This tribe is in charge of camping and hiking reservations, which have recently been in high demand by adventure-seeking travelers.

A true hidden slice of paradise, Havasupai Falls features cascading turquoise waters surrounded by the canyon's natural rock formations. The juxtaposition of the two makes for a breathtaking view that you won't be able to resist Instagramming. But in order to reach this picture-worthy sight, you'll have to lace up your hiking boots first, as a 10-mile trek by foot or horseback is necessary. But for views like these, we'll wager that the hiking-induced blisters would be well worth it — especially because you can take a refreshing dip in the watering hole once you make it there.

Hungry for adventure? Read on for photos of the falls that are sure to make you book your ticket ASAP.