With MASH the Game, You Can Finally Know If You'll End Up With Your Celebrity Crush

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Some of my best memories from sleepovers during my teen years revolve around finding out what my future would look like, hovered over a piece of lined paper marked "MASH" with my closest friends. We'd giggle over the thought of living in a mansion in Paris with Justin Timberlake, driving around town in a very glamorous . . . school bus. If this sounds familiar to you, you'll be excited to hear that MASH is back with some fun upgrades to give you a taste of what your imaginary future holds.

The idea of the game is the same, but the 2020 version is complete with new scenario and fate cards, as well as dry-erase cards and markers to create endless possibilities for your future. Think: the original MASH with a Cards Against Humanity spin. Scenario cards will give you and your friends a mix of categories to choose from, like the "Spouse" and "Car" categories you're used to, but you can also fill out your own scenarios on the blank cards. Fate cards feature prompts like "all the Hemsworth brothers" or "in your mother's shoe closet" to gather your options for each category. Then, you can draw the spiral to find out your fate.

MASH the Game is available now on its website for you to purchase and try during your next in-person or virtual game night. Grab a set for $20 to relive your childhood memories with your friends.