This Baño For the New Moon in Scorpio Can Help You Manifest Your Soulmate

It's cuffing season, but don't fret if you haven't found someone to cozy up with for the winter. The new moon in Scorpio brings vibes to help manifest your soulmate, or it can bring you a great cuddle bug with benefits — if that's what you're looking for. So get out your new-moon journal, and jot down the wishes you want to see come to fruition over the next six months until the Scorpio full moon. They can absolutely revolve around sex and soulmates, but under the new moon in Scorpio, there are other areas of life to focus on as well. How about self-mastery? It kind of goes together with finding a soulmate, don't you think? After all, self-mastery is key to finding a soulmate because you want to show up as a whole person, not as someone seeking another to feel complete.

The power to change is a big one under the Scorpio new moon, so examine your life, and identify the areas that need to be tweaked a bit. We could all use an upgrade in certain parts of our lives, but it's up to us to make the changes needed to level up. This new moon also places a spotlight on financial partnerships. Are you in business with someone or want to be? Set intentions around positive financial relationships where everyone wins. Furthermore, you can wish to avoid power struggles so you're setting intentions for not only financial partnerships with promise but also for one where everyone is valued.

Remember that new moons give us the opportunities to call in the things we want and need in our lives. Aligning those wishes and intentions with the emotions associated with them helps to amplify your manifestations. Feel that you already have what you're wishing for, and bask in the emotions of that. When we allow ourselves to feel the experience as if it already happened, we are deciding it is our fate and surrendering to the will of the cosmos to handle the rest. We don't always have to see the next 10 steps ahead of us to trust that we are on the right path.

When Is the 2022 New Moon in Scorpio?

The new moon in Scorpio peaks on Oct. 25 at 5:50 a.m. ET. You can do your new-moon baño ritual at the time the new moon peaks, the day before, and the day after. The energy of the new moon lingers around a bit, so don't worry if you aren't available to do the ritual at the time it peaks.

What Is the Meaning of the 2022 New Moon in Scorpio?

The eighth zodiac sign, which is represented by the scorpion, is all about desire, passion, and transformation. So consider those three things when working with the Scorpio new moon. What is it that you desire? What are you passionate about? What needs to be transformed in your life? This water sign is intense, but Scorpio's hard exterior often reveals a softness inside. So be open to change, and flow with it like water gliding over river rocks. Transcend and become the beauty you want to see in this world. Start by eliminating old baggage from your life, which could come in the form of self-defeating habits or negative people you've kept around for far too long. Then ease into forgiveness to seal the healing magic that is taking place. There is so much to gain from forgiveness. Maybe the person you need to forgive is you.

Scorpio also rules bonding. So yes, manifest the sex life you've always wanted and the soulmate you want to invite into your orbit. But bonding can also mean creating deep emotional connections that are not necessarily of the romantic or sexual kind. In fact, that deep emotional connection may just be with yourself, which is extremely important for wellness and balance.

What Is the Spiritual-Cleansing Prayer to Say During October's New Moon in Scorpio?

Great Spirit, I pray for sexual pleasure with my soulmate. I want to discover the depths of intimacy with another but only with someone who is aligned spiritually. I desire a life partner and wish for their presence in my life under the Scorpio new moon.

What Tarot Card Goes Well With the New Moon in Scorpio?

The Death Card coincides with Scorpio because it symbolizes transcendence and the need to allow things to die away to give space for new growth.

What Chakra Goes With the New Moon in Scorpio?

The sacral chakra, which is located under the belly button and represents our creativity and sexuality, coincides nicely with Scorpio. After all, Scorpio rules the sexual organs. However, because this sign is ruled by Mars (the planet of energy, action, and sex) and Pluto (the planet of power), the solar-plexus chakra also coincides. The third chakra is located just above the naval and represents where we summon our energy to take action and express our personal power.

Spiritual-Bath Recipe For the New Moon in Scorpio Baño


  • Black candle
  • Epsom salt
  • Sage and palo santo
  • Raspberry leaf, ginger, pennyroyal, basil, or coriander herbs
  • Lavender, frankincense, or patchouli essential oils
  • Agua de Florida
  • Orchids, peonies, or roses
  • Citrine or amethyst


  1. Begin by energetically cleansing your space with sage smoke first, followed by palo santo. Together, they purify your space and seal in positive energy.
  2. Next, keep some of the flowers you choose to work with for your baño in a vase, and place them somewhere you can see them easily as you do your ritual.
  3. Light a black candle to represent surrender and embracing the unknown. You can place the candle near your vase of flowers and add your crystals for a Scorpio new-moon sacred altar.
  4. Add two cups of epsom salt to your warm bath water, or you can create this spiritual baño in a bowl that you use to pour over your body in the shower. Mix the salt into the water, and pray as you do so.
  5. Grab a few handfuls of herbs, and add them directly to the bath water or in your bowl. If you prefer less mess, simmer the herbs in a big pot for 10-15 mins, allow them to cool, and add the herb water to your baño. Raspberry leaf is a great choice for balancing hormones and regulating the menstrual cycle. Remember, Scorpio rules the sexual organs.
  6. Add a few good splashes of Agua de Florida, followed by several drops of essential oils, and mix it in with your hands. Continue praying, giving thanks, and speaking out your intentions. Having a conversation with the Divine during this ritual is key to the magic.
  7. Cover the top of the baño with the flowers you choose to work with. Indulge in the fragrance of the baño, the softness of the petals, and the way the essential oils make your skin feel like silk.

Don't forget that one of the main ingredients to any spiritual baño is you. So give yourself flowers, and embrace the beauty within. Shine, beloved. Shine!