24 Free Things Extremely Happy People Do Every Day

Everyone has bad days, but you can turn mornings into fresh starts with a few attitude adjustments plus some changes to your regular schedule. And all of these things that happy people do daily are completely free. So grab a big pen and start checking off this list for a new outlook on life.

  1. Wake up with an affirmation: Even if it's telling yourself that you're healthy and strong, waking up with an affirmation sets the tone for your entire day. Come up with one and turn it into your wakeup mantra.
  2. Look at every day as a new opportunity: Yesterday might not have been the best, which is why today can be even better. Let go of negative thoughts and get ready for a new day.
  3. Savor breakfast: Rushing through the first meal of the day leaves you feeling stressed. Stop and enjoy what you're eating; breathe in the scent of fresh coffee while being mindful of your breakfast. You'll feel fueled for the day.
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  1. Meditate: Just taking 10 minutes out of your day to meditate has huge benefits to your overall well-being. And a few minutes improves stress levels and lengthens attention span.
  2. Connect with loved ones: Instead of just thinking about the ones you love, reach out and make connections with them. Even if it's a quick email or a short afternoon coffee break together, letting someone know you care spreads good feelings.
  3. Find ways to compliment others honestly: Think of how to honestly compliment someone daily, specifically acknowledging something about the person instead of a generic compliment. Along with helping someone else feel confident, you'll feel positive too.
  4. Accept praise: We so often take a compliment as a negative instead of with a straight nod of thanks, which almost turns it down. The next time you get a compliment, take it with pride.
  5. Take nothing for granted: You never know what might happen tomorrow, which makes today so important. Stop taking people and things for granted and acknowledge what you love around you.
  6. Make meals a part of the day: Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner are regularly occurring parts of happy people's days. And it's not a rushed situation — cooking meals and enjoying the satisfaction of a good food makes a healthy connection with what's going into your body.
  7. Exercise: You don't need to join a gym to work out. Go for a run or long run in your neighborhood and connect with where you live.
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  1. Listen to engaging podcasts or music you love: During commute time or even downtime, listen to something that engages your mind. Instead of getting lost in what everyone is watching, think about listening to a motivational podcast or making a playlist of your favorite songs.
  2. Look people in the eye: Stop getting distracted with your phone or what's happening elsewhere and look people in the eye — especially when in conversation. It shows confidence and lets the person you are talking to know you're really listening.
  3. Slow down; It's a rush-rush type of world, but stopping and taking a moment to take notice of what's around you connects you with life. Sip a cup of coffee, stop and smell the blooming flowers, or linger in the park and people watch while making a mental plan for the rest of your day.
  4. Think positive: Happy people always find a positive spin, which can lead to new ways of problem solving in difficult situations. Instead of letting your mind get caught up with negative thoughts, actively change your thought pattern and think about something positive. It's easier than you think.
  5. Take risks: Taking a risk takes confidence, but it's also a great way to push your boundaries and learn new things about yourself. And if you don't take any risks, you'll never know what you can accomplish.
  6. Don't let work define you: While being dedicated to their jobs, happy people don't let their jobs dictate their lives. Be focused while working but turn off once you get home.
  7. Be flexible: Instead of being unwilling to take on new things or change regular routines, be willing to give it a try. You'll feel so accomplished when something actually works out.
  8. Let go of grudges: Really, how long do you really want to hold onto that grudge? Let it go and move on.
  9. Live in the moment: You never know when this very moment will ever happen again, so wake up your senses and pay attention. Take advantage of opportunities and work on saying yes instead of no.
  10. Set daily goals: Make the time to sit down and write out daily goals. You can do this at the beginning or end of the day, but creating goals daily leaves you feeling like you're moving in a positive direction.
  11. Acknowledge failures and strive to fix problems: The next time you mess up, just accept it. Stop beating yourself up for forgetting small details and figure out what went wrong. Make a plan so it doesn't happen again.
  12. Don't judge: Everyone's life is different, so making snap judgements can get in the way of seeing the whole picture. Try keeping an open mind for the day and you might catch yourself seeing things differently.
  13. Participate in group activities: Stop shying away from jumping in on group activities or outings when invited. And people will stop asking after you say no too many times, which could mean a missed opportunity to make new connections.
  14. Spend time doing what you love: Even when superbusy, making time for doing something you really enjoy elevates your mood and outlook on life. So make time daily for yourself and you'll find a smile on your face.

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