7 Things Overachievers Do in the Morning

We all have a friend that's able to accomplish everything on her to-do list, juggle work requests while looking amazing, make it to happy hour, and finish the day by cooking a delicious meal. Being an overachiever isn't always a bad thing and there are smart habits you can pick up from that friend that conquers everything. Steal these seven habits from overachievers and start your day right.

  1. They are the early bird: Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier than you usually wake up so you aren't rushed in the morning. Being one of the first at the office has definite perks (no line for coffee!) — and looks good to higher ups.
  2. They work it out: Get your day started right and sneak in a workout straight out of bed. You only need 15 minutes to work through a HIIT routine and then it's out of the way for the day.
  3. They always eat breakfast: The first meal of the day fuels your brain and body, so sit down and eat. And here's the good news: breakfast doesn't need to be a time suck — combine a belVita breakfast biscuit,banana, and lowfat yogurt, and your breakfast is good to go.
  4. They make lists: Part of being able to take on anything is being organized. A true overachiever makes a list first thing in the morning, going over everything that's happening during the day along with noting reminders. Set alerts in your calender so nothing gets overlooked. You'll feel productive while checking off all your items during the day.
  5. They check in: Part of being on top of it all is knowing what's happening around you. Spend a few minutes checking your socials or watching the news so you're up on what's trending. Set a timer for five minutes so you don't get caught up posting and sharing.
  6. They prep for dinner: Do a quick check of the fridge and freezer and make sure you have what you need for making a healthy dinner. Or add grocery items to your morning list so you can whip up something easy when you get home.
  7. They make the bed: True overacheivers strive for order, so keeping your space clean takes it off your daily to-do list. And it's always nice to come home to a clean house after a long day. Tidy up the bathroom and kitchen before heading out the door, too.

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