How to Keep Your Cool When the Stars Aren't Aligning in Your Favor

Design: Kelly Millington
Design: Kelly Millington

Despite what your favorite astrology meme page tells you, not everything with the planets and stars is sunshine and roses. Sometimes, we're just not in step with the Universal clock — happens to the best of us. Whether you're an astrology aficionado or a casual horoscope glancer, a few lifestyle upgrades and perspective shifts can help you keep your cool so you can remain in mental, physical, and spiritual balance during those tougher planetary transitions.

Create a Calming Home Environment

Our living space is a reflection of our mental space, so it might be time to beautify your home. Turn up your favorite playlist and give your spot a deep cleaning — set the mood for positive energy to flow through. Adding a few extra touches — like your favorite scented candles and fresh bouquet of colorful flowers — will bring cozy, calming vibes that'll put your mind at ease. Canada Dry Ginger Ale makes for the perfect refresher for a cozy day indoors. Sip on the bubbly carbonated ginger flavor as you gain a clearer perspective on the life all around you.

Reconnect With Nature

When you sit with nature — say, going to a local park with a pond or a state park with a waterfall — you'll slowly begin to breathe a little easier as you tune into the natural cadence around you. Might we suggest taking yourself on a picnic with your favorite snacks? You can sit and write down your thoughts while you listen to your favorite playlist. A little arts and crafts project will relax you as well — there's something about nature that connects with our inner children and makes life seem a little easier.

Get Familiar With the Current Planetary Transits

If it feels like the planets are not spinning in your favor, it'll help to know what that means for you on a personal level. Understanding where the planets are positioned in the sky and how that reflects on your personal birth chart, aka where the planets were lined up when you were born, will give you in-depth insight into how you can work with the shifts of the planets. Instead of letting things happen to you, this is your opportunity to know what's actually happening in specific areas of your life and how you can personally adjust to the temporary transits. As they say: Knowledge is power.

Design: Kelly Millington

Write Your Thoughts Down in a Journal

There's something nostalgic and very old school about putting pen to paper. Writing down your thoughts and feelings may seem a little foreign if it's not part of your daily self-care ritual, but it's one of the best ways to get out of your own head. Laying everything out unclogs your mind and relieves the pressure of holding any negative emotions inside. Even if you don't know exactly where to start, you can just write about your day and continue to "brain dump." You can even make a ritual out of the practice: find a comfortable space to sit, grab your fave snacks and a refreshing glass of Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and light a candle. Sip and munch at your leisure until you feel like you got all your thoughts out of your head, and then blow your candle out. A positive affirmation for yourself at the end will really seal the experience altogether. And if you don't have a journal on hand, a little retail therapy at your favorite book or stationary store can provide an additional layer of TLC.

Give Yourself an Energetic Cushion by Slowing Down

When life is coming at you fast, the best thing you can possibly do is slow down. If you notice things are not going your way, it's better to keep a level head and remain calm. Sometimes that looks like giving yourself extra breathing room in case things don't go your way. For instance, if you have to travel, give yourself extra time in case of traffic or unforeseen delays. If you have important documents to sign or assignments to turn in, it won't hurt to give them a second (or third) read before handing them over. Being a little more careful and embracing a slower pace can keep you from getting more stressed out.

Remember: Everything Is Temporary

A really smart person once said, "The only constant in life is change," which could also be said about the stars and planets in the sky. Anytime things get complicated and seem like a never-ending series of unfortunate events, it's important to remember that everything happens in cycles and those difficult moments will come to an end. So when the world seems to knock you off balance, don't worry: you'll find your footing again.