5 Fun Activities to Stimulate Your Brain

If you're in a bit of a slump, it might be due to your brain being a bit bored. Sticking to the same daily routine is like eating just white rice everyday for your noggin. It's lacking flavor and could be elevated to amazing levels with just a few basic ingredients. Playing games with your mind keeps you sharp and boosts memory retention and powers of reasoning. Try these five fun and free activities to stimulate your brain in amazing ways.

1. Use the opposite hand: If you're right-handed, become a lefty for the day. Simply switching the hand you usually use for routine tasks gets your brain thinking in a different way. When brushing your teeth, use the opposite hand. Eating? Use the opposite hand. You can really test yourself and try writing an entire day while using your less-used hand.

2. Talk to yourself: Pick one hour a day to verbally discuss anything and everything with yourself. Describe what you see, what you're doing, your afternoon plans, or what you'd like to make for dinner vocally instead of keeping it locked up in your head. Sure, you might look like a total nutso, which makes this activity best kept for when you are on your own, but talking while thinking is a great brain booster. And you might find solutions to problems you've been struggling with or that stresses voiced make for a better night's sleep.

3. Write down your dreams: You can write out aspirations and goals as a reminder, but keeping a pen and paper next to your bed for recording your sleeping dreams is a fun way to get your brain thinking. Along with boosting memory, attempting to unlock the mystery and hidden meanings behind your snoozing brain is one way to get to know yourself better — and the power of your mind.

4. Wash your hair with your eyes closed: Your senses are what helps your brain make decisions and build connections, but we often rely too heavily on one or two senses, leaving the others behind. Stimulate your brain and close your eyes while washing your hair, eating, or putting on your clothes. Along with being a fun challenge, your brain is encouraged to use those other senses that have been forgotten about.

5. Walk on: Just like the body, our brain needs physical exercise too. A steady walk increases blood circulation, which encourages cerebral blood vessels to grow and enhances energy production and waste removal. And walking isn't strenuous and can be done anywhere anytime. Park a little farther from work, or make time to walk around the block at the end of the day. While clearing your head, you'll also sneak in a nature break, which is great for your brain.