Unique Gift Ideas For Co-Workers That Aren't Coffee Gift Cards

You likely spend more time with co-workers than anyone else, so bring the cheer to your workplace this year by surprising your colleague with something unexpected and unique. Whether it's the doorman downstairs who greets you with a smile every morning, the receptionist who goes above and beyond, or your can't-live-without-her work-wife, the inspiration ahead is perfect for anyone in the office.

1. Adult painting class

Painting is a childhood pastime, but nowadays everyone can get in on the fun with adult painting classes. They're offered in cities around the country and include wine or cocktails to get the creative juices flowing. It's the perfect way to let loose and get creative outside of work.

2. California Lottery Holiday Scratchers®

The best thing about a Holiday Scratchers ticket is that you never know who's going to win or how much you're going to win. They're like puzzles for grown-ups! You can choose a variety of price points and your co-worker can score big. Let's just hope they consider splitting their prize.

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3. Personalized gift basket

Throw together some of your favorite office staples, like pretty stationery and tasty snacks for midday cravings, and wrap it up your own way. It's a thoughtful gesture that shows you put effort in and you know the person receiving will get use out of it.

4. Mini succulent plants

Add a little color to their desk with mini succulent plants. They're pretty to look at and don't require as much care-taking as regular plants, so they'll last a long time without the maintenance.

POPSUGAR Photography | Thomas Beckner

5. Key card holder

Most offices require a key card to gain access. Help make sure your co-worker's company badge doesn't go missing and is ultrastylish with a key card holder they can keep on them.

6. Notebook with a cheeky slogan

For the person you know well, go on the hunt for a notebook that really represents their personality. Whether it's adorned with cats, glitter, or a hilarious meme they can't get enough of, you're bound to find something that speaks to their soul and will put a smile on their face.

7. Oversize scarf

Does the climate in your office change on the daily? Gift your co-worker an oversize scarf that doubles as a blanket they can wrap themselves in if it gets unexpectedly chilly — or if they just want to be cozy at their desk.

8. Wireless headphones

No one needs more cords getting jumbled up at their desk, so give a pair of wireless headphones your co-worker can use anywhere, both in the office and out. Whether it's at the gym or to drown out distracting noises, this is a gift anyone would be excited to receive.

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