19 Ways to Make Use of Baby Shampoo Outside of the Bathtub

POPSUGAR Photography | Grace Hitchcock
POPSUGAR Photography | Grace Hitchcock

Baby shampoo is known for being tear-free and perfect for sensitive baby skin. A bottle of it only costs a few bucks at the store, but you'll be surprised at how many things — in addition to scrubbing the dirt and grime of the day off of little ones — this fresh-smelling, hypoallergenic liquid can do. Here are easy ways to make the most of baby shampoo:

  1. Clean your makeup brushes. All it takes is just one drop of shampoo mixed with a little bit of water, a quick dry, and then your brushes will be like brand-new.
  2. Make your shoes sparkle. Baby shampoos, especially those with mineral oils, are good at revamping the look of leather shoes and accessories. Dab a drop of shampoo onto cloth and rub gently for the best effect.
  3. Wash the pup! Baby shampoo is hypoallergenic and formulated to be gentler than regular shampoos, so it's safe to use on your other, furrier babies, too.
  4. Remove your makeup with it. Since it's tear-free, baby shampoo is better to use around your eyes. With a cotton ball or cloth, dab the shampoo and warm water on your face to take off the day's makeup.
  5. Mix it with baking soda. A baking soda and baby shampoo mixture, paired with a little bit of elbow grease, will polish up your chromes and metals for a perfect shine.
  6. Revitalize your skin. Before going to bed, put a bit of shampoo on your feet and legs, then sleep in a light pair of leggings and socks. You'll wake up with clean, soft, and fresh-smelling skin.
  7. Ease the pain of Band-Aid removal. Put a small amount of shampoo on and around Band-Aids, and let the liquid seep through the small holes. Then work off the Band-Aid painlessly.
  8. Remove oils from brushes and combs. Fill a glass or pot with warm water, and mix a bit of baby shampoo in. Let your combs and brushes soak for a few minutes, and then dry them off with a towel. Hair and skin oils will be washed away.
  9. Use as dish or hand soap. Clean hands and faces with the mild, hypoallergenic liquid. It's great for making dry skin smoother and softer.
  10. Lubricate metals. If nuts, bolts — even zippers — are a little rusty or prone to getting stuck, squirt on some baby shampoo, and it will help get those metals moving. Baby shampoo works particularly well on chrome.
  11. Resize your sweaters. Did you accidentally shrink your favorite sweater? Don't worry — baby shampoo can bring it back to its regular size. Fill a tub or basin of warm water, and mix some shampoo in. Then, place the sweater on top of the water and let it sink and stay in the water for 10-15 minutes. Then wring it out and repeat the process with just water, no shampoo. Let the sweater dry flat on a towel and reshape as you see fit. Voilá! It will be as good as new!
  12. Remove water-based paint. Baby shampoo acts like regular soap when used to remove water-based paints from skin and paint brushes.
  13. Use as shaving cream. If you're running low on shaving cream, lather up your legs, face, or underarms for a very smooth shave.
  14. Clean bathroom faucets. Nothing is better than having your cleaning supplies already handy when you want to give the tub and sink a quick scrub, so simply grab some of the shampoo and wipe down bathroom faucets — it will work wonders!
  15. Remove stains. Are you plagued by a bright white shirt with yellow stains around the collar and armpits? Put baby shampoo on the problem areas before wearing, and if that doesn't work — try removing the stains after by pouring shampoo directly on the spot and letting it sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. If you catch it in time, it can even get blood stains off white clothes.
  16. Make a slip and slide. Lather up a large roll of plastic with shampoo and water, and lay it out in your yard for your kids to have a homemade slip and slide to surf down on Summer days. You'll have happy — and clean! — little ones as a result.
  17. Clean your stove and other greasy surfaces. Baby shampoo is perfect for getting rid of tough grease on stovetops, countertops, and inside refrigerators. Use a clean rag with water and shampoo to wipe down your surfaces for a spotless kitchen.
  18. Wash your delicates. The gentle nature of baby shampoo makes it ideal for your laundry items that need special attention.
  19. Have a car wash. The sudsy shampoo cuts grease and grime on any kind of surface — including the exterior of your car. Grab a bucket of water and mix about 1/4 cup of shampoo in with it, then get to work on making your vehicle squeaky clean.