11 Extraordinary Uses For Ordinary Club Soda

Club soda is yet another common household item with a variety of uncommon uses. If you have some left over and don't know what to do with it, don't throw it away. Here are some clever uses for this popular drink mixer:

  • Stain remover: Treat stains by dabbing on club soda and gently scrubbing the material. It works on a variety of spills, including red wine stains.
  • Fluffy food: To fluff up food like pancakes, waffles, tempura batter, omelets, and more, use club soda instead of water or milk. It makes the end results more fluffy and light.
  • Water plants: Club soda is better for your plants than regular water because it has more minerals. Try to water your plants with flat club soda at least once a week.
  • Clean surfaces: Gently wipe down surfaces in your home like countertops and the inside of your fridge with club soda. Club soda is also good for cleaning porcelain surfaces because it doesn't ruin the finish. You can even pour it on pots and pans while they are still warm to help remove the gunk that's stuck to the bottom.
  • Remove rust: Pour club soda over rusted materials or soak the rusted objects in them. The carbonation will make it easier to remove the rust.
  • Soothe your belly: If you have stomach upset or are feeling nauseated, sip on some club soda.
  • Clean gems: Soak gemstones in club soda overnight to clean them.
  • Restore hair color: If you go swimming, make sure you rinse your hair with club soda to prevent discoloration in your dye job.
  • Preserve newspaper clippings: Preserve newspaper clippings by soaking them in a club soda and milk of magnesia mixture for an hour before taking them out to dry.
  • Shuck oysters: Make oyster shucking an easier task by soaking them in club soda beforehand.
  • Windshield cleaning aid: Spray club soda on your windshield for an easier cleaning as the fizz will help break up the gunk.
  • Clean gems: Soak your precious gems in club soda overnight for a clean slate.