8 Walmart Facts That Will Blow Your Mind Into Smithereens

Love it or hate it — Walmart is probably not going to go away anytime soon. With that said, here are some interesting things you might not have known about America's biggest retailer:

1. Walmart has more employees — 2.2. million — than seven times the population of Iceland.

That's close to the amount of people in China's People's Liberation Army, the largest military force in the world.

2. Walmart netted sales of about $473 billion last year.

That's more than the GDP of Austria, Thailand, South Africa, and Denmark.

3. This couple got married in Walmart in 2011.

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4. A woman sued Walmart over two cents — and won.

A price discrepancy of two cents enraged this customer and resulted in a lawsuit in which she walked away with $100. This was apparently her fifth lawsuit against the company. 

5. Walmart workers are the largest recipients of Medicaid and food stamps.

They are "paid so little" that they receive about $1,000 in public assistance, according to Florida Congressman Alan Grayson.

6. Every year, their company shareholder meeting has celebrities appear and perform for free.


Talk about a star-studded affair. This year, Walmart's shareholder meeting had special appearances by Pharrell Williams, Robin Thicke, and Sarah McLachlan. The company manages to draw in A-list celebrities to their annual meetings. Unlike other events, these stars don't get paid for their appearances. However, they do get compensated for their time in terms of exposure of their paraphernalia (books, CDs, t-shirts, and more) to customers.

7. Every week, Walmart serves 245 million people in their 11,000 stores worldwide.

This is more than Brazil's population of 202 million — that's a lot of shoppers!

8. Walmart has 1,105,739,688 square feet of retail space; that's one and a half times the size of Manhattan.