Hot Take: Why We Love a Sheet Cake At Weddings

The humble sheet cake has long been a go-to for kids' birthdays, school events, and office celebrations. These cakes are classics for a reason: they're customizable, party-sized to feed a lot of guests, and, above all, affordable. Not to mention the added kick of nostalgia.

But recently, the sheet cake has had a bigger moment. We've seen them go from behind the counters of grocery store bakeries to wedding receptions that run the style gamut from fancy banquets to low-key backyard.

Couples typically aren't taking a sheet cake straight out of the box and placing it on their wedding tables. The cake has taken on a new life, going from the size of a single sheet pan to epic desserts that stretch the length of a banquet table. These modern-day iterations are adorned with fresh flower petals, artfully placed swoops of buttercream frosting, and slices of seasonal fruit.

But if you're in search of a more approachable, lower-lift version for your wedding day, all you need is a bit of finesse to transform a simple sheet cake into a Pinterest-board-worthy centerpiece.


Start by securing a few pre-made sheet cakes. The classic grocery store cake is going to be your best friend here — and look no further than Sam's Club. The brand's Member's Mark cakes are made fresh in each store's bakery and come in half- and full-sheet sizes in multiple flavors, and can be customized if you want.

To really zhuzh up the cake to make it fitting for a wedding, you'll need a few additional tools: a flexible, plastic bench scraper, offset spatula, extra quarts of buttercream frosting in your flavor and color of choice, and fresh flowers or slices of fruit for garnish.

To create that long cake effect, start by cutting your sheet cakes across lengthwise, then cover the raw edges with an even, thin layer of buttercream using the plastic bench scraper. Refrigerate the cakes uncovered so the frosting hardens.

To assemble, connect the cakes along the short ends using additional buttercream, and cover the entire exterior of the cake with buttercream, running the offset spatula along the sides to smooth out any bumps. Place a few extra dollops of buttercream along the top edges, and create a swoop using the tip of the spatula. To finish, decorate the edges with the fresh fruit and flowers, or whatever fun toppings you prefer. And thus, the humble sheet cake becomes a work of art.