11 Things You Can Get For Free on Flights

Unfortunately, plane tickets are rarely cheap — and even when they are on the affordable side, they still cost a small bundle. Because of this, you'll want to get the most bang for your buck while you're in the aircraft itself. Ahead are 11 things you may be able to get for free during your flight, depending on the airline. Don't be afraid to inquire!

  1. Alcohol. According to the New York Times, some major airlines offer free wine, beer, or liquor in some sections at certain times, including Delta and American Airlines. Just be sure to limit yourself — no one likes a rowdy passenger.
  2. Snacks. Extra snacks may be served for free if there are any left over after the flight attendant makes the rounds.
  3. Soda. It's true: you can ask the flight attendant for the whole can of soda, or refills on that tiny cup you get. Usually, he or she has no problem with it.
  4. Amenity or grooming kits. Business Insider mentions free stock items some airlines dole out, such as combs, pens, earplugs, and playing cards. Impressively, Emirates offers a grooming kit complete with toothbrushes, shaving products, and more.
  5. Over the counter medication. In need of ibuprofen or a bandage? Your flight attendant may be able to help you out. (Note, however, that it's good to keep those things in your carry-on for those "just in case" situations.)
  6. WiFi. If you fly with jetBlue, Southwest, Norwegian, or Emirates, you'll gain free access to the plane's WiFi.
  7. Collectible cards. Particularly proud airlines may offer a collectible card with a picture of the aircraft, says one Quora user.
  8. Wing badges. Small "pilot's wings" badges or stickers may be offered for free, which are great for kids.
  9. Wipes. If you wish to wipe down your area (planes are full of germs!), the flight attendant may have sanitizing wipes on hand.
  10. Water. Of course, water costs nothing on any plane. If you brought a water bottle, the flight attendant will likely refill it. The airline might even have small bottles in stock, free of charge.
  11. Cockpit tours. If time allows for it, the pilot may let you have a look at the cockpit before or after the trip. It's worth a shot!