Cat-Lovers, This Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Humans are high maintenance. Cats, on the other hand, are pretty much perfect in every way. They are independent and self-sufficient yet entirely adorable (when they deign to accept our affection). So, the fact that a remote island exists where lowly humans are outnumbered by cats one to six is basically a cat-lover's idea of paradise.

Tourists have been flocking to Aoshima Island, Japan — better known as "Cat Island" — to spend time with the more than 120 feral cats roaming free on the island. Or should we say reigning over the humans on the island? The feline kings and queens get visitors who come on a ferry that runs to the island twice a day, and we know they are coming solely for the cats, because the island has no stores or cars. Fellow cat-lovers: add this to your bucket lists.