10 Things Extroverts Need to Feel Sane

POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio
POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio

I am an extrovert, through and through! Sure, there are times I feel socially anxious and nervous around people I don't know. There are even times I would rather be by myself than with people, but more often than not, my extroversion appears. There has not been a day in my life in which I could claim that I am really "timid" or "shy." I was a professional comedienne and TV personality for a few years, and I enjoy the company of others. The fact is, in order to stay sane, we extroverts need a few things in our lives lest we go completely nuts!

1. People, People, and More People

Sure, extroverts need a day off from the crowds on occasion, but in order to stay sane, extroverts need to have the company of others. Other people to talk to. Other people to do things with. Other people to collaborate with. Extroverts crave and thrive on the company of others.

2. A Chance to be Heard

Extroverts want and crave a chance to be heard. A place to get their ideas out in the open among other people. Yes, of course — people! Extroverts thrive on being able to verbally get out their ideas.

3. The Spotlight

It doesn't matter if it's a theatrical production or as the leader of an organization, extroverts need the chance to gain the spotlight whether it's in a leadership or performative role. Extroverts need the chance to take center stage for a bit and feel pride in what she's doing.

4. A Plan

Extroverts crave life goals and direction. There's something about an exciting plan or new idea that gets an extrovert raring and ready to go! Having no plan to execute is essentially torture for an extrovert.

5. Touch and Eye Contact

There are some people who would love to enact a "no-hugging" law among strangers or, actually, anyone, but extroverts tend to crave touch. We may not all be "huggers," but extroverts like direct eye contact, touch, and connecting with other people.

6. Leadership Roles

An extrovert will be happy if she can find a managerial role or maintain a high position in a group or organization. Without something or someone to lead, the extrovert can feel as if she's missing out on something. She enjoys teaching others and using her powers of organization and socialization to work.

7. Extra Time to Unwind

An extrovert may get so revved up after time with people or from activities she's doing that she'll need extra time to unwind. When someone tells me to "just relax," I have to laugh to myself. Relaxing is not the easiest thing for me. It takes time for me to put away the energies and efforts of the day. In order to feel sane, give an extrovert some time to decompress.

8. Auditory Learning

If I can't verbally flesh out an idea or problem, I will go apesh*t. I need to express myself verbally and hear my thoughts aloud in order to find a solution. Writing things out helps, but the fact is hearing myself say things aloud helps more. This also means talking to oneself. But perhaps that's just me. Wink.

9. Birthday Celebrations to the Max

Extroverts like big birthdays or, at the very least, a birthday that makes her feel special and front and center. A birthday in which the extrovert doesn't get to have a spotlight moment is, indeed, a very sad birthday.

10. The Freedom to Be Nervous, Shy, or Anxious

Most people assume extroverts are always confident and never shy or nervous, but that's a myth. Extroverts can feel anxious and nervous in social situations, even if they're also at the same time, excited by the idea of interacting and engaging with others. Speaking to others and being around people feeds a happy energy in the extrovert, but this doesn't mean an extrovert is never afraid. Extroverts need the freedom to not always be "on" and to have that nervous moment without criticism.